A Positive Post

A quick update for all.

I'm feeling good at the moment, I've ditched the anti depressants, with no ill effects as yet, and the blessing of my GP. He feels it's right for me at the moment. So whether that has contributed to my feeling of wellbeing at the mo, who knows, but I feel more like me. More than I've ever felt in the last three and half years. When I look in the mirror now, it's me looking back.i couldn't always say that before.

So, life is good, it's been a long slog, with lots of hard work along the way,

Don't get me wrong, there's still a way to go, but most of the problems are physical ones now, but physical I can deal with easier.

I've learnt a lot along the way, I'm not so impatient now, I can wait for things to happen, I don't need it to happen immediately. And if it doesn't happen, no problem!

I've learnt what's important to me in life.

I'm back!

My husband says he's seen a change in me, my manner of talking etc, is back to how it was before.

This is so exciting, the future stretches before me now, and I'm going to grasp what I can while I'm able.

Best wishes to all of you, I hope your journeys even out too, hang on in there, patience and perseverance and a sense of humour too, even when you don't feel like it.

Much love to all.

Janet xxxxxxx

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  • Reading this makes me smile, smiling for you, smiling for all my broken brained friends on here and smiling for myself because I am reading a message of hope and reassurance that things can get better. I'm so happy to be reading that you are feeling good, are off the anti D's and that you see yourself when you look in the mirror. Thank you for sharing x

  • Thank you Jenna, I've even cleaned the bathroom already today! Xxxxx

  • Janet I'm sooooooll pleased to see that.

    I think you may know I ditched ALL my meds (except thyroxine) almost a year ago, but especially the anti depressants docs kept changing in name or dosage, however I did it rather too quick probably and unilaterally.

    I DO NOT recommend any else to do it my way, follow Janet's sensible route!

    Like you J my brain is so much clearer and my mind also, it's taken me 18 months of slow painstaking medical online research to get where I am today. One day ill put a post up also because I've been able to link all my health history from birth to today.

    Enjoy the new you and your new life, what an exciting future you have ahead.

    virtual big hug to you, love Shirley x x

  • Thank you so much xxxxxx Janet

  • What an uplifting, heartwarming post! Great to hear positivity on the site, really is lovely to read. I hope the feelings last a very long time for you and that you continue the progress. I'm genuinely thrilled to hear you doing so well, so pleased in fact that I can almost forgive your runner's up spot this morning :D

  • Thanks Andy, I'm not foolish enough not to realise things go up and down, but after going through a few iffy months I realise that it will get better again, and to just ride it out.

    Janet xxxx

    You know, early on you told me I'd be fine, thank you, I secretly deep down knew I would, but I've never forgotten what you told me


  • Al your own own work, ALL of it. Be strong, be proud

  • FANTASTIC! such a great post filled with postative thoughts,blessed be x

  • Thank you I'm like a dog with two tails 😀

  • Onwards and upwards m'dear. So good to hear you're beginning to thrive again Janet ; I wish you nothing but the best in life. Eileen xxx

  • Thanks Eileen, it just seems to have come out of the blue, like a switch was thrown. Hope you're back in control of the vertigo again, Jenny was asking how you are.

    Janet x

  • I'm not going to rain on this parade 'cos it's creating such a positive atmosphere for everyone, so suffice to say it's a work in progress.

    Tell Jenny thankyou for her selfless concern and I hope she's keeping her own spirits up. Give her my best wishes won't you.

    Lots of love to you both ! xxx

  • Ha ha loved reading your post this morning Janet especially the part about the woman in the mirror. I really hope your journey stays positive and you have a fantastic week. X

  • Thank you MXman, it's been a long time coming, sometimes I would despair but no xxxxxx Janet x

  • What a lovely upbeat post to share with us all. Thanks for that! Wishing you continued blessings of good health and upwards progress x

  • Thanks for your wishes they mean a lot xxx Janet

  • I ditched my antidepressants about a year ago having been kept on them for 3 years. My mood was still crashing but on weaning off of them it became apparent that the antidepressants had in fact been exacerbating the mood problems rather than helping them. Still do have some mood lability but that is brain damage and not depression. Others too noticed a bit of the return of the old me when I stopped taking them.

    Best wishes Janet I hope that you too find that the improved you continues. x

  • I tried once before but ended up having massive panic attacks so tye time wasn't right, but it seems to be right now. Like ve Janet x

  • May it continue to go well without the anti d's. My thoughts are with you Janet x

  • Hi Janet

    What a lovely positive post. You have made me feel much brighter!

    We all just have to carry on working our brains (within reaso of course).

    I know that feeling about looking in the mirror, cos I have days when I can't bear it, seeing the new me does not bring pleasure yet!

    Well done, and keep feeling strong.

    Love Debs


  • Hi Debs, it wasn't me looking back, it was like a shell of me, but I'm in that she'll now, looking out at the world, strange but true.

    Thanks Janet x

  • Hi Janet,

    I am sooooo chuffed for you💥💥💥👌

    I'm 8 years post BI and for me it took about 4 years before I was able to look in the mirror and see the old me "Joanne" looking back.....

    It's such a blooming great feeling isn't it.

    You will continue to improve, peak, trough, learn and mange your BI I'm sure.

    Janet, I wish you loads and loads of luck on your continuing journey 😃

    Take care 👌 Joanne

  • Thanks Hannah, it's good to hear your experiences, the 2 years they tell you in hospital are a bit too general, I think 5 years is more realistic, although we know improvement is for the rest of your life.

    Janet xxxx

  • Oh what a lovely thing to read! So pleased for you! Lots of positives there! Well done you! xx

  • Thank you Peaches x

  • That's good news! I ditched anti depressants too. I didn't feel they were really helping any. It was done gradually and I felt better for it. I know if I need them in future then I can use them again.

  • My GP explained that they were necessary initially because I'd suffered such a far reaching, life changing illness, and whenever I felt I may need them in the future, to just go back and we could discuss it xxx

    Thank you for your reply Janet xx

  • Brilliant to read your news and to hear of your breakthrough with ADs and seeing you return. Wishing you continued progress thanks for sharing. Vanessa xx

  • Thank you xxxx

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