hello all x

nice to be here again and I must say the weather in last few days have lifted me some what ,I also know time is passing now its been 7 months since the RTC

a lot of things have happened in them 7 months but I know feel we are at the end

they have decided we need moving so scott can access more services to him and the fact they have paid all the rent arrers off

as for scott things are slow but we now know for sure he had a stroke at the wheel of the van that made him have the rtc walking is still slow and he still gets words muddled his short term memory still not good but you know what they say time will improve

he is in court on the 1st of march as they still trying to get him for driving without due care ,which is insane

the OT have been great he now has wheelchair that he uses while out as he gets very tired,we off to doctors on the 8th of march to see if I can take him to spain for some r and r maybe for about a month his mood swings are the worst but hoping to get them sorted

the OT has said they are not sure on how much more recovery he will make but he did say sometimes it can take years,it dosnt help when your fighting all the time to try and get the services he needs,so am hoping once moved he will get the help he needs

lets hope that this year will be kind to us all

love susan and scott xxxx

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  • Hi Susan, so pleased that things seem to be working out for you now. You have had a really rough time. Don't give up on Scott's recovery, in my experience there is still improvement a year or more down the line.

    Hope you manage to get your holiday. Some sunshine will do wonders for you both. You might find getting insurance a bit of a problem.

  • yes I already seen the prices

  • Lovely to see you again Susan, and with some very positive developments. I'd be amazed if Scott's case wasn't dismissed the minute the judge sees his case-notes ; this whole business is a farce and shouldn't even have been processed 'til Sean's diagnosis was final. I'll be thinking of you both on March !st and hoping the case is thrown out once & for all.

    But it's good he can get around a bit more with the wheelchair, and the move nearer to town is another big development, so some proper help at last, and not before time !

    There's plenty more potential for recovery over the next few years, so hang in there Susan ; you've been a star and I wish you both better days to come. Love Cat xx

  • I do hope so cat3 I just keep going forward now I must admit am still stewing over not having mri scan while in hospital but I have bigger fish to fry at the mo

  • Sorry Susan, I've no recollection of you being in hospital or why you're waiting for a scan ! (Damned memory is useless).

    Can you remind me of the situation if you're feeling up to it m'dear ? xx

  • I ment scott when he was in hull hospital cat3

  • OK m'dear ! xx

  • Wey at last there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for you guys! Surely the court will not waste valuable time and money now they can clearly see the truth! It's been such a carry on for you, fingers crossed this is a whole new beginning for better things to come. xx

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