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Can't think of a title


Just had a smear test done which was painful compared to the previous years to check if I'm still hpv +


And before I left I tended to my grape and blueberry bush as therapic time to calm me down before hand

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Dear bexx87, your Title is 'Therapeutic Bush'... or 'Calming Bush/ Plant' if you prefer. Yes Scans CAN be Uncomfortable sometimes, even if you have had them before. As a Man I have Never had a Smear Test.... just a Camera All the way up into my Bladder.....

I hope that you are feeling, much 'Better' now Babe.


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When i broke a bone in my neck. I was examined by this man mountain of a doctor. He said he is going to check each bone, so when he taps the bone tell him how it feels. Start at the top c1, fine, c2, fine c3 etc. all the way down . The yes said he needed to check my lower spine, there was a thwack of rubber glove and a squelch and then he said Oh you didn't say "fine". There was huge smiles when I said "do you think it's fine for a guy your size to do what you just did ?"

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That reminds me when I had just been released (sorry discharged) from hospita shortly after "recovering" from my tbi and every few months/weeks I would see my physiotherapist (along with speech therapist) and one time my normal one was off so I saw a different one and he got a small hammer and told me to lie on the bed on my stomach and he tapped all my trigger points to see how my muscles would react in my legs and I hated it and it sent my mum into fuming mode so when my normal physiotherapist came back let's just say my mum didn't politely hold back how pointless she thought what her collueage did on her daughter the previous week/month

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Forget 'Mum'... You want 'Great Aunt Maud' in full Protect The Family Mode! (I know that you have Fifteen 'Panzer' Divisions, along with Full Air Support.... but you are WRONG MY BOY! Grabbing him by the Ear.)

I'm 'Quaking In MY Boots, just thinking about this😁😁😁😂😂.


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I've also had a Camera All the way up into my Bladder from the urologist and I told him "Well, there's another one I can cross off my Bucket List."

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Not Pleasant, is it sashaming1? It isn't exactly 'Painful', well yes it is.... but mostly Uncomfortable.... As if 'Something is were It Shouldn't Be.... like EVER'.


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