Cant think of one

Hi everyone

Haven't been on for a while. Been watching your posts.

Came across this by C.S Lewis and thought it would be appreciated by some here.

(you have probably all already seen it, but here goes!)

'' Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny''

It picks me up when i am low - hope it helps someone else too.


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  • Hi Jules, so true. Thanks for sharing.

    Not seen before. Hope you are ok. K

  • Thanks Jules ; we can hope !

    Good to see you & hope you're ok. xx

  • Hi Jules,

    I haven't been on here much either!

    That's a lovely quote & definately some truth to that, as us BI survivors/loved ones of the BI know.


  • Hi Emma I've been absent popped in and missed you so glad to see you appear. I often think of you when I do daft things because your stories cheered me on when I was early days. Still doing dafties like grabbing plate from bowl full of water with oven glove on! How are you going?

  • Hi tortie my love, how are you?

    Gosh I miss some of "us" that were here around 12-14mths ago :(

    Hehehehe im still doing daft things tbh but they're a little less frequent LOL!

    I'm doing well thank you, slow, steady progress. How about you?

    Emma x

  • Yes, we all go on to do the best we can but life is that little bit sweeter and more precious for having been so hard fought for. The old me would have craved things and adventure but no, silence over a chilly Sussex with clear blue skies, fresh coffee and an internet connection, life is good! What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, so they say. They are right. Happy Saturday to the BI family x

  • Happy saturday

  • The "man in the area" paragraph.

    A remarkable set of words taken from a longer piece by Theodore Roosevelt in Paris in 1910. It is the actual text handed to Francois Pienaar by Nelson Mandela pre world cup not Invictus as the film promoted,

  • A great paragraph sosban

  • Sorry you are right a little type it should be "man in the arena"

  • Goodness don't say sorry, I'm sure my pedantry is a result of too much time online. I'm gonna look into this quote , thanks , I like it

  • It is ok. one of my "problems" is that whilst a phone has predictive text, I seem to have predictive reading and predictive writing. When I read things, I see the start of the word and somehow automatically match the pattern to something. Then that sets a fixed train of thought.

  • Ah right. Yeah re. Writing I've got a fixed train of thought/writing in a different way, what my brain produces can vary a lot in how correct or coherent things are. But we get there , I admit it's lucky to have the help of spouses or family members with the important stuff but I reckon we'd still get there without the help

  • Jules not seen quote before. Thanks for sharing. Certainly plenty here are doing extraordinary every day. I am just muddling by.

  • Hiya Jules !

    Hadn't heard this before but glad I have now !

    Hope you have been okay - you sleeping any better now ?

    Angela x

  • So true

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