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Hello everyone

I am looking at headphones (for noise elimination) for when i am working. I think they call it for 'white noise'.

I have been told to look at Bose or Jaybird - but they all seem to be more for listening to music.

When actually total noise elimination would be great for me.

the other thing is they all talk about for use/compatible with 'Apple'and ipods and such things. I use windows 10 and have an old samsung mobile phone.

Does anyone have any advice ?

Hope everyone is as well as can be expected. I am looking forward to 'spring forward' when we have lighter nights when the clocks go forward. At last we will be through this horrible winter at last.

Kind regards



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Hi Jules

I have been looking for exactly the same headphones. I volunteer in a small office with three others people. I nearly purchased a boss or jay bird, but my partner reminded me I have bought him a pair for Christmas. I tried to see if they would help and they do not elimanate noise, but do if you listening to music.

i have purchased some ear defenders from eBay, which are smaller and not bright orange as ear defenders used on a building site. I purchased navy blue, at £8.99. I have not had the courage to wear at work yet. I wear mouldable earplugs from Boots, but it softens the noise.

I use Windows 10 at work too. Another option I am thinking about is purchasing mouldable ear plugs, which motorbike riders use. I have not yet as they are quite expensive around £80.

Yes, I cannot wait for spring to arrive and lighter evenings.


Hi Sem

Good to hear its not just me looking.

I am waiting for an email back from my hospital OT who was the one to suggest them to me in the first place - will pass on anything of use.

Pleased that you tried out the ones i think are suggested - no good to me if you have to listen to music. And at £169 pair an expensive mistake.

I have come across some that are used for shooting sports, but my knowledge doesn't stretch to if that would be a hearing level/decibel that would not exclude house/[office noise.

I haven't tried the motorcycle defenders - odd as i am, or was a biker. Let me know what you think - got to be cheaper than £169 pair. I probably could find the money, but not to spend on something that only half works.

For something so simple as a total noise block its very hard to find.



pLease ,yes would be great if you info on headphones. I need, probably like you to stop the chatting in the office as I am drawn to their conversation, distracted, and cannot concentrate on my own work. If, I hear (haha)😀 Of anything I will message you.



Hi Jules

Can you pressure your GP for a referral to audiology?

They have a whole range of things available to help and there may be something more suitable for you.

Love n hugs


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Hi Random

(love the name!)

What a brilliant idea - yes i will ask the GP they are normally very good with me.

Thanks for that

Have a good night




I had terrible pain to any noise and this affected me for a while after my SAH last March . So I started to put cotton wool or tissue in my ears if I went anywhere. The doctors told me not to take myself away from noise as it would gradually get back to normal so I needed to get used to it.

I started by playing soothing music in the background, then the TV slightly loader everytime. Now I'm much better so be careful.....


thank you Kavib

so pleased you are better than before at least with noise




I suffer with the same. I got a referral to an Hearing therapist. She said to block out noise is a bad idea. It "teaches" your brain that all noise is bad and will make the situation worse. I have free app on my phone for sounds - from white noise to rain sounds etc. I go to bed with these sounds playing on a pair of normal earphones. (doesn't need to be loud) and it teaches your brain to accept noise. I have found it relaxing and helps too with sleeping - as a bonus It also helps me with my husband's snoring! lol x. It's not an overnight cure but I have found that it has got better over the weeks. Loud noise was very painful and just going to see a "turn" at my local club made me get the ear plugs out. Now I can go without the earplugs. It cost nothing and it might be worth a try before shelling out for expensive headphones. Also sound generators have been recommended to me (from the British Tinnitus website). I haven't bought one as the wave sounds were the same type of thing as on my free app. Give it a try and if it doesn't help you haven't spent a fortune. Hope this helps x


Hi Copes (smiled when i read 'copes' ! )

Thanks for the info, seemed to have tried most things to improve it but am still trying to keep a part time job working from home and noise makes my life a misery sometimes, sometimes makes me angry too.



Hi Jules,

There was a thread a few months back talking about the same issue:


Amplifon are a company that specialise in noise solutions and were very helpful with me.

Have a look. Nick


Hi Nik

Are you /were you a biker ?

I still have my kawasaki in the garage but cant ride it since the accident.

Always nice to chat to other bikers.

Thanks for the advice and link i will have a look - missed it on headway - i go for long periods without wanting to look at my computer. Guess we all get like that.



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