sick of form filling

hi guys .today I got a form to fill in on what scott can do and what he carnt do my god I found myself going over the same thing ,they also want to know everything I was even tempted to put what colour toilet roll I use in lol anyway all done and posted now so just wait and see hubby seems to be getting a little better now his walking is slow and uses a stick for balance he seems to struggle picking things up due to dizziness and becoming un balanced stairs is still a problem also gets a lot of headeches ? speech still slow but I guess it all is a matter of time his memory still hazey but he now complains of his knee hurting all the time ? also neck problems too but I am going to ring doctor up Monday to get him to see him again ,I must say am disgusted with the no help we have had since hubby came out from hospital weare now just waiting for the mri scan due to them finding a low density area of the left basal ganglia region

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Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for a quick and positive response.

Love n hugs


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Just wondering if you made contact with the community neuro rehab team yet ?? I hadn't even heard of them but they were definitely a great help and wealth of information.



I don't know how too ?


Ask yr gp surgery to refer you :-)


Or maybe Google that service for your area and speak directly to them ? :-)


It's nice hearing that your husband is gradually improving Rose. Don't be too concerned about the headaches & dizziness because your man's brain hasn't had nearly enough time to heal & readjust. I was still in ICU at the stage he's at now and only just starting to tackle mobility at 6 weeks.

So he's doing pretty well. I hope you're managing to keep afloat financially ; make sure you get the back-pay you're owed when your benefit finally comes through.

It's a common failing of the NHS, the complete lack of aftercare for brain injury but, to be realistic, the healing will happen in its own time regardless of lack of medical intervention. And if your husband can develop a regime of exercise such as walking every day and eating & resting regularly he's every chance of making decent progress.

I hope your GP can prescribe something effective for the pain and that the MRI appointment comes through before too long. xx

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Yes, it is unbelievable how little help there is.

When I had my injury I was part way through modernising my house and like your husband had problems with my knees, neck and balance which made getting in and out of the bath difficult and at the time only had a bare concrete floor. We applied for some assistance from the local authority to get the work done. It took them 3 years to get onto the queue to get a home visit. The council lady took a look at the bathroom and said it was unsuitable. However, they wouldn't fit the shower i had ready to install but would fit a smaller one which is the council standard. They also wouldn't fit the floor tiles stacked up but would go and purchase specialist medical flooring ......grrr

I sympathise with your form filling, I recently had to complete my PIP form over 4,000 words of additional information, with all the other forms we recently had to complete it came to 96 pages !!


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