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Paying for it today!

I managed to achieve a new milestone, yesterday evening, through going to see my son at football training. It was the first time this season so it was a great goal to achieve. Unfortunately my body has decided to get it's own back back today and now I don't feel like doing anything. I will have an easier day today but I'll try not to let it beat me.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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Morning Neil thats great news it must of meant a lot to your son. I think we know its going to hit us after, but its a worse feeling missing out on things x



Morning Neil!

Great to hear about your milestone, I'm sure it meant a lot to you and your son :)

Try and relax today, even if you're tired it's balanced by achieving something good yesterday :)

I'm going to go out on my mountain bike tomorrow morning for the first time since my surgery. A friend is coming with me and we're only going a short, circular distance that's on the flat. I don't know whether I'm correct but I'm thinking that if I gradually improve my fitness I might cope with fatigue better? I suppose it might not if it's mental fatigue, but improved circulation and endorphins are good?



Well done Neil. Utilise that fatigue by watching a DVD/reading/napping/pottering.................whatever.

Your son must be so pleased..........and proud. Have a good, lazy day ! xx


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