Who doesn't just love paying their taxes?

Now I've never had to pay tax in my life, it's the main reason I became a student, but for those who do, I (and I'm sure a lot of you) have certainly managed to get my money's worth in benefits, sick pay, free medication etc. If I lived in another country and my health plan didn't cover it, I'm sure my surgery would have left us a homeless family.

For me it went; I got sick, I was taken to hospital, I was diagnosed, I was taken to another hospital, I was diagnosed again, I had speech and language therapy, I had surgery and now I am (essentially) cured. This system worked like clockwork, and it felt like they were treating me out of care, rather than just whatever my health plan was restricted too. Yes sometimes it can be slow, and I had to follow up on a few things to make sure I hadn't been lost in the system, but the harsh truth is that in a lot of places, if something like this happens to you, you'll just have to bare it and move on if you haven't predicted something like this would happen.

The point is, I now know why I was stuck in a waiting room for hours when I broke my thumb back in junior school, serious things happen, and fortunately, they are taken seriously, and more importantly, when your worried about your child's life you don't also have to worry about how much you have in the bank. Thank you taxes, and thank you NHS.

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  • Come on 100pipers------did you not receive NHS treatment when you had your brain injury------paid for by taxpayers. And weren't you treated by doctors who were once students and didn't pay tax but who,now earning,are repaying their debt to society

  • Sorry if I upset you, I wasn't trying to be offensive, I was saying that I'm very grateful for the systems in place that I catch us when something terrible happens. My opening line wasn't meant to be serious.

  • I'm confused. Are you and B_S_A the same person ?

  • Now I see that you are, why the two personas ?

  • i would like to know too.

    its hard enough trusting others, but when people start using multiple accounts i just wonder what their agenda is.

    this is meant to be a safe place we can share our issues

  • What possible agenda is there here?? That was clearly me writing! Using "I" numerous times is a bit of a hint.

  • i am not saying you have one, i just find it hard to trust people who post via multiple personas, and trust is very important here


  • Exactly. This lad hasn't lived long enough. He leaves school.....goes to college (which entitles him to free dental and medical treatment).....then at twenty years old he has a brain haemorrhage.

    He was actually trying to convey how lucky we are in this country to be automatically cared for when illness strikes. You failed to look beyond his jokey style to see that he was expressing his gratitude.

    You insult him......and you insult all of us. I believe an apology is now overdue.

  • Oh and thank you, you hit the nail on the head.

  • I was trying to open with a bit of humour, which I thought would be well received in our horrible circumstances.

  • These kind of comments aren't worth getting riled over, they 're best ignored , we know who we can trust.

  • Sorry Janet, but if someone called me a parasite I would hope others might come to my defence. We're supposed to be supporting one another here.......offering help where we can.....not throwing thoughtless insults.

    100 pipers knows it's not personal.....I've defended him quite vigorously in the past. cat x

  • Thank you for your support

  • You're very welcome here BSA. And you'll find plenty of support here (with occasional bursts of silliness to remind ourselves that there can still be humour in our lives) ;-) x

  • I admit I didn't look at the background of B_S_A perhaps I was a little hasty, I still think it's best ignoring certain comments because we know the changes brain injuries can make to our judgements and what is and is not appropriate, I've lived too many years to be upset by what others think and having survived this I'm making sure I get the most out of whatever life has left for me.

    I like to read your posts you are a good friend to everyone on this site, you do truly care and write a lot of commonsense, Thanx Janet

  • Thanks Janet. That means a lot to me. xx

  • I made an account a while ago and forgot about it, looks like I was still logged in on it on my tablet. That was clearly me. I have no idea how having two accounts would mean that I would have an agenda.

    "Sorry if I upset you, I wasn't trying to be offensive, I was saying that I'm very grateful for the systems in place that I catch us when something terrible happens. My opening line wasn't meant to be serious." How is this not clearly me??

    Oh my God. You think that just because you've paid tax that gives you the right to call me a parasite? I was told that this place would provide comfort from people who had gone through the same trauma as me. The point of what I was saying was that I love that people are cared for in this country.

    I've suffered a lot from what has happened to me, and I thought you were all like minded.

  • thats a fair enough explanation, thanks for that

    it takes me a while to trust people and i do get a bit iffy if i feel people are acting or posting odd or if things dont feel right.

    thanks for clearing that up

  • Thank you, I'm just looking for some comradery, my opening line was just a joke, it's obviously not why I became a student.

  • i was unsure too, but in the end i did read it as a joke, because i didn't think anyone would say that seriously

  • we are lucky to have the NHS here and although it can take some badgering and delays are common, most of the staff are caring and only want the best for you.

    imagine living in a country with only insured healthcare and then having a brain injury, i dread to think the actual costs involved in the treatment we get following brain injuries

    and above all i have the greatest respect for nurses, they are in the firing line so take all the abuse for delays and cost cutting by the bean counters.

    and to have people moan and abuse them day after day, when they are just trying to provide the best care they can.

    so if you know a nurse, they are the true heroes in this life

  • Yeah, I was surprised when I heard the hard time that patients give nurses, doesn't make too much sense!

  • Goodness, I've only just caught up on this thread and am a bit shocked!

    BSA - I completely agree with you; it is the best national health service in the world and when it was launched in 1948 it was based on three core principles:

    - that it meet the needs of everyone

    - that it be free at the point of delivery

    - that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay

    I know that my Jake, as a tax payer of many years and an employee of the NHS (senior radiographer), would be proud of the treatment, care, innovation and expertise that he and BSA have received. That is what it is there for.

    Young minds are essential to forging ahead with progress and innovation; the students of today are the ground breaking professionals of tomorrow. We shouldn't castigate them if they are unfortunate enough to have to draw on these services before they have had a chance to contribute them.

    This IS a place of understanding and support BSA and you are welcome.

  • Thanks :) I meant no offence to anyone. Me not paying tax was just meant to be a light hearted introduction.

    Don't worry I'll be paying my fair share soon!

  • I don't think you said anything to cause offence, it was clearly a joke :)

  • I don't think the majority of people would have seen anything offensive in your post, I was a little amazed at the first reply you had! I bet you would rather you have not been in the position which led you to discover how good our NHS service is! But we cannot control much of what happens to us and its good to know we had medical care without ending up homeless! Best wishes :-)









  • I think a few people on this site post things on the spur of the moment and it can be upsetting! I have had it myself where I have spent the rest of the day churning the comments over in my mind BUT then i thought this person who said this is ill informed, maybe a 'chip on the shoulder' or has other issues we dont know about. At the end of the day it all helps for a bit of 'lively debate'!!!!

  • I'm sure you're all a lovely bunch really :D Let's try and work together.

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