glasgow coma scale

I think mine was 5/15 or possibly 3/15 but 10 years ago I burned all my hospital records in a ritual to get rid of all these horrible feeling associated with death and beyond and the here and now. Stupid move looking back as I cannot remember what my level of coma was but wondering if anyone has anything to say about that. Maybe mine was 3/15 or would that be death? Sorry but I don't know where else to ask :)

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  • Am wondering Aqua what is bringing you to be wondering about this? 5/15 or 3/15 is very minimal response. Mine was 5/15 when the ambulance blue'd and two'd me and dropped lower in A&E to 3/15 when I was then intubated and put on a ventilator. But neither of us are dead! You can request to see your medical notes if you feel you need to revisit what happened. Or your GP surgery should have a copy of your discharge letter where it was probably documented.

  • I think it was 5/15 and was just thinking about it!

  • If you google it that will tell you what each number means, 3 is the lowest you can score, that is totally unresponsive to any stimulation.

    Mine was 3 for 3 weeks, on life support.

    I'm just about to send for a copy of my medical records, I never had a copy and would like copies, useful as my acupuncturist has asked to see a copy of the latest MRI scan I had done last month.

    Hope this helps.

    Janet x

  • Yeah pretty sure mine was 5/15- I just don't remember details very well but I usually get there in the end. I was just on a ventilator for 3 days, no life support. All a bit hazy as it was 20 years ago!

  • Have been very confused over the Glasgow score. As mine was only write down once at the scene of my accident and was rated 15/15 but stated I was unconcious and unresponsive.

    This is surely contradiction. Other accounts state I was unresponsive but gave no score.

    I had a lot of trouble accounting for this during my claim as because someone had write 15/15 on one record ( the only score recorded) then I couldn't be unresponsive.

    I was even asked why I couldnt remember the incident. "Maybe due to beIng unconcious" was not seen as relevant.

    I do understand the rating but it seems sometimes when people are busy doing other saving a life...Then notes can sometimes not be fully filled in. This can then lead to future misunderstandings.

    Thankfully this is now in my past and has no more influence on my future anymore.

    Little rant over....Un normal service will resume.


  • How do you get copies of health records does anyone know please? I have no records and it has always bothered me. Xx

  • Hi,

    I believe you can request these from your I understand it, all medical records relating to each person are attached to an NHS number so they should be in one place...probably somewhere on a computer now but your GP should be able to access them for you...they may charge?

  • As stated by grapplease you can request them through gp.

    It is easier now to get hold of them. Mine went missing for about 4 years. Ended up threatening court action against hospital...suddenly they found some of my records...amazing that.

    Good luck. Hope you find your answers.


  • Glasgow score is quite a bunt tool and at the time paramedics don't always get it correct, mine was 13/15 but probably was lower before the ambulance arrived.

    There are also other was such as measuring when memory starts continually.

  • Thanks very much for your help Grapple5 and Paxos 05. I will look into that. The first hospital I was in Kings College did not send notes to the hospital I was transferred to after, so my neuro psychologist only has the notes from there to go on. My memory from transferral is nothing as I was alone when it happened, so I have no idea why notes were not passed on. It is troubling me not knowing what it all says. Reading this post about the Glasgow coma scale makes me wonder what mine was. My family will not tell me anything. Probably for a good reason I guess...

    Thank you xx

  • Your GP won't have a copy of full hospital notes just any discharge or clinic letters. You are supposed to be given a copy of these but maybe because of your condition maybe your relative opened them and decided not to keep them or maybe at the time in your early bi recovery you saw them yourself but didn't want them kept?? Just possible thoughts?? Like Mads has said you request the fuller hospital notes or records covering specific dates from the hospital that you were in. Each hospital unless under the same authority keep their notes and only a referral/brief summary of essential information is passed to another hospital if you are moved. If you go onto the NHS site of the authorities concern you should find info about how to request to see them. It is very difficult reading though Ro can have quite an emotional and shock impact on you and you need to be sure you are ready to have that information which will be in much greater detail than the discharge/clinic letters.

  • Thank you, yes maybe now is not the best time to look at them strawberrycream I have come this far in 18 months, seeing them may set me back. I think it is just curiosity. But there is probably a good reason for not me not knowing. This we must all go through... The brain shuts out what it does not need to remember...

    Have a good day everyone xx

  • I guess depends if on what feeling about your injury.

    I paid to get my CT scans which I then rendered into a 3D image, in someways it was good though in others it allowed me to ignore the brain damage vs the rudy great crack in my head.

    This said I learnt far more late last year, when the Neurophycoligist when though my records! Rather than myself trying to make sense of it.

  • Personally, I need to know exactly what's what with my health, it's my responsibility to ensure I keep as fit and well as possible so I'm in the process of requesting all my notes pertaining to m hospital and rehab stay particularly since I have now found out I can have a recurrence of the PRES that caused all my problems, we're only 5 years on but hey ho, at least I now know.

    So , if it helps you put everything into perspective I'd do it.


    Janet x

  • I think you need to request records from each health authority you've been under. I was transferred between 2 hospitals so had to pay for each authority

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