Egg shells

Its been a tough two days, in myself I have been in a lot of pain after completing daily tasks. Along with that comes a lot of frustration because it puts me in my bed where I am fed up of. But not only have I had to endure that, my partner was showing signs of getting agitated. If you ask him whats wrong he always replies nothing I'm fine. Yet his face tells a different story you can see such anger and frustration. It is unnerving and you can feel like you are walking on egg shells. Because what I have to be mindful of is that if he explodes it could cause me to have a seizure and that causes so much damage to my health. He eventually said that he had a headache but he didn't want to snap. I just took myself out of the room, its like evacuating from a bomb. This morning he came in all jolly, and I said your in a better mood today. He replied yes I had a tablet, I did say that to forewarn me he just say I have a headache so I'm keeping away. I know that it won't have registered, I do get so frustrated and just fed up of the constant roller coaster I'm on when I'm struggling myself. I was so fed up today that I decided to sleep, as really that's the only way I can escape all the madness. I am not a person that likes negative, volatile, uncomfortable atmosphere. I am a peaceful person that just wants a quiet life, but I never seem to achieve it. :-(

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  • Hope tomorrow has a silver lining for you Angie. xx

  • I do to Cat, my health is deteriorating which frightens me and gets me down at times. I just can't cope with his issues on top of mine. I need him to go out to sort something for me tomorrow. So I want him to take Coco and make it a bit of a day out, so it will give me some space, I think that will help x thank you for caring yoir a lovely lady xx

  • :-/ xx

  • Hi love hope today is better and more peaceful :)

  • Hi Jodr it has been a better day so far, I have had the morning to myself which has done me some good. I hope your ok :-)

  • That's really good time to yourself is essential for your sanity! I'm okay thank you although struggling with the hubby is so up and down at the moment I can totally relate to the feeling of walking on egg shells! The thing I'm finding hardest at the moment is how hard my two beautiful boys are finding things it's heart breaking to see :( my eldest who iis only 5 is finding it all especially difficult and it's taking its toll at school..I'm going to speak to the school tomorrow to try and get him some more support when he's there. He's not misbehaving but just can't connect with what's going on. My poor little chap. Hopefully they will be understanding and offer some support. I want to be the best wife and mum I can be and it's so upsetting to see :(

  • Its a domino affect Jodie it affects everyone. I think there are support groups for children who are involved with relatives that have some sort of disability. I know in some areas they run activities, which gives them an environment where they can be just a child, not a helper or watching things that they will find distressing. I think its a great idea to speak to the school, they have to be clued up to these issues these days. Even if its supporting him and just being understanding if he struggles its something. I would speak to your surgery as well, ask them if they have a care coordinator? I have been linked to one and she has been a god send. Not only sitting and chatting and finding out what I need and what groups are out there for me. But also groups for my partner to go to. If there is one at your surgery then they also may link your boys to some groups. It does make a difference, as mine rang me today, checking in with me and had information on some groups for both my partner and myself. I hope that helps x

  • Thank you yes that is a good idea if we have a care coordinator with the surgery that could be a great source to find more help. Hopefully the school will be more supportive too... Thank you I will give the surgery a ring :)

  • Let me know how you get on, and if I find anything I'll let you know x

  • Thank you I will :) x

  • Hiya hope you're having a good weekend so far :)

    I had a really positive chat with the wellbeing lady at school yesterday and hopefully my little one will get a bit more support at school now..She's going to start having one to one time with him and set up a safe quiet space for him that he can go anytime he needs to. She also said about a play therapist that can come into school which might be beneficial it comes at a price but if it helps then it's priceless! She's also going to get in touch with the school nurse who can hopefully access more help if needed. I'm so glad they're taking seriously fingers crossed she is true to her word! Thank you for listening :) x

  • Hi Jodr thats marvellous I think she definitely will do what shes has said, its her job at the end of the day. If I was you I would just keep an on timeline of when things do happen. Its surprising what is available to help us if we just ask. You also need to ensure you have support. One thing you have is us on here, I am always around to talk to.

    But I am so pleased you have got something beginning to be set up for your son. Thank you for letting me know. :-)


  • Hi Angel, jules here

    Just wishing you a peaceful day


  • Thanks hun, I'm ok today I've had some time on my own which did me good. How are you today :-)

  • Good morning Angel, Jules here.

    Pleased you got some time alone - it helps the soul for some reason after certain days doesnt it.

    There are some real tough but fragile people on this forum arent there. Odd that how you are asked to be so tough at a time in life that has thrown you 'fragile'.

    I am ok Angel, just plodding around things at the moment.

    Just lit a fire in the living room and thought - somebody somewhere probably should be saying 'she should be doing that - shes too dangerous.

    Dont worry, its a log burner ... and its cold here in the North at the moment.



  • Morning Jules you are exactly right about having to be tough when your fragile. I seem to have had to be the one carrying everything on my shoulders. Sometimes I don't even think about it, and other times I feel exhausted by it.

    I knew you meant a burner lol I'd find lighting a fire comforting and relaxing. You need to sit by it with a nice big mug of something hot and just relax and stay warm :-) xx

  • Yep, lovely warm cup milky coffee with 4 cats and a dog - no noise - heaven for a while.


  • I do hope that you Angel, get the peace that you deserve. xx

  • Hi Claire I arranged with my partner for to go out this morning so it gave me some time to myself. How's your day going x

  • Hi Angelfish,

    Sorry to hear your life is not how you want it to be but I have to agree that I like your idea of how you would prefer it, peaceful quiet life :).

    Sounds similar to me really, I am a quiet, peaceful person. I've been told by my Headway manager that I am a quiet but unassuming person :).

    Anyhow, I read the title of the post "Eggshells" and at first I thought it was going to be a post about eggshells. I was just going to add a bit of information about them like how eggshells have a lot more calcium in them than milk does.

    We are told that milk is for healthy teeth and bones. That is somewhat true but eggshells would be better and even broccoli has more calcium than milk does too.

    I read something once that if you grind up eggshells with a petle and mortar into a powder, you can put some powder in a smoothie or other drink, as long as you ingest it somehow, and it can apparently help grow new teeth!

    If you have a cavity, get a lot of calcium inside you and regrow the damage to that tooth.

    Whether that info is true I do not know cos I have not tried it but I can believe that it has some truth.

    If the regrowing tooth trick fails, you can always give the calcium to your plants, it'll help them grow much better and that is something I do know cos me and my mum do that all the time :).


  • Hi MJ you know a lot about nutrition and eggshells, a lot of things I never knew and you've opened my eyes.

    I really do crave peace and quiet, I always have. My most treasured moments of my childhood were out in the countryside with my grandad. He introduced me to nature, wildlife and animals. I am not one that enjoys drama or noise, I never have I choose to notice all the jewels around us. Whenever I was on a bus or train I would be looking out the window, its a shame people ignore what mother nature gives them :-)

  • I know a thing here and there about nutrition but I don't lots and lots, there is a lot more information to be had across the internet and not just about nutrition/health either.

    But I'm glad to hear you say that I've opened up your eyes.

    Peace and quiet is just what we need, well that is what I think anyhow.

    I'm not into drama and I don't adjust to loud noises too well. People bring drama onto facebook and sometimes I think "Why do they even bother?". If I am with a group of people sat in a loud environment, like a pub, I will rarely say anything because I can hardly hear myself speak and I cannot hear what others are saying. Also, loudness doesn't always make me think straight too.

    Sometimes I like to chill out in the back garden and watch the world go by, it's so relaxing. I like to watch bees delving into flowers and things like that :).

    I'm definitely more of a naturalist as I have got older and I have more faith in nature now especially when it comes to medicine. I don't believe in all the pharmacy mumbo jumbo :).

    I was watching a video not long ago of actor Jeremy Irons being interviewed by some guy. Irons was saying how many years ago the Irish folk used to live their lives by planting their potatoes and that was about all they did. Why don't/can't we continue to live like that? It sounds like a perfect life to me.

  • Hi Matt I agree I struggle with noise and it can make me feel overwhelmed. I went to a wedding reception with my partner, and I felt totally overwhelmed as not only it was it very noisy, but being in a wheelchair it can feel intimidating. Everyone is above you and your just constantly looking up, and in some cases when they sit down your then sitting above them.

    I definitely have turned to nature, one day when I was really struggling I had an offer to be taken out for the day. We went out in the countryside, and just hearing nothing but trees russel in the wind and the birds was magical, nature is an amazing medicine. I too love sitting in the garden watching the bees and the butterflies. I do have to have my medication but I do also try out herbal and some alternative remedies.

    I am glad you are a fellow nature lover.


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