Brain tumour support

Brain tumour support

Hi folks,

Just a quick message to say that since April last year, through my Headway, I have been in touch with a charity called Brain Tumour Support.

Another supportive charity for people who have had a brain tumour.

They hold a support group once a month at my Headway's main offices. They cover across England, midlands and south west I think, but last year started a group here in south east.

March is their awareness month and specifically March the 3rd is bandanas for brain tumours.

Tomorrow, the 9th of March is my next meeting and we will be holding the meeting out at a tea room.

We have been told to wear our bandanas and hopefully we shall raise some awareness :).

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  • Enjoy the day Matt ! xx

  • Thanks cat :).

    I did have a good day but not many people turned up. It was me, a volunteer and the lady who runs the group. Oh well.

    The group has nearly been open a year now and it opens every once a month, it's still kind of new to people I guess. The group varies in size, small one month and large the next. Today was one of the small groups.

  • What a shame Matt ; I'd imagined it would be a colourful event with the bandana theme.

    Do you think it was publicised enough ? xx

  • I don't think it was publicised enough. There could have been a stand with Brain Tumour Support propaganda advertising themselves but then again that would take time and money, time and money they might not have had.

  • Sounds like a great initiative. I have just emailed them about my colleague, Fred's, MindApp project so they can see that and observe it when it is finished. It could help other patients here too.

  • I know far more folks who've had brain tumours, sadly for some it was awkward places and that was that. Going to a work drinks on Saturday to celebrate a lass who died 3 years ago for that reason. Oddly cheerful in some ways!

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