Can I get support from headway


I had a brain stem tumour removed a few months ago and have have felt very alone. No one really understands how I feel. There is no after support. I'm not sure if I'm entitled to go to a headway group as I'm not sure if what I've had is classed as head injury.. I'm now also suffering vibrations throughout my body and not sure if this can be a side effect of such an operation .. I'm struggling though. Life can change so quickly

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yes i am sure you could, head injurys come in many forms


headway groups range from evening clubs (once a month meet ups)

here in birmingham we have a photography club, once a month on a Saturday

there are also things like bowling etc.. but it depends on your local group and how active they are

attending headway day centres is subject to funding from social services

which is a lengthy process, i have been waiting a year and now my social worker has left and all progress has stopped until the assign me another one :(

i can see it being another year before i find out if i can get funding:(


Rocky, You most certainly qualify for Headway support after what you've been through. so please feel welcome here. However, you should either visit your GP or contact the doctor/s who treated you in hospital if you feel you are suffering complications. You need to discuss such problems with the medics who have access to your records to ascertain whether it is an effect of the operation or maybe effects of medication.

Nevertheless people on here often do swap information on symptoms for reassurance and we get plenty of emotional and spiritual support.

Keep in touch. Best wishes, cat x



I had an Abscess on the brain stem following Meningitis & had a Stroke, spent a year in Hospital.

Now I can't swallow & get around with a Delta Frame!

I go to Headway House in Birmingham, it is great

Good luck!



I have a brain stem tumour and although we don't currently have a headway group where I live (hopefully we will have one soon) I have used the helpline and I post on here frm time to time an have found it very useful. There are also a couple of groups on Facebook I have recently joined that I have fund useful too. If you are interested let me know and I will give you the names


Hi Rocky1

As many have already said, Headway is here to help people affected by any form of brain injury.

In the first instance, we suggest you give the helpline a call on 0808 800 2244 to discuss how we can help. You can also email the team on helpline@headway.org.uk

Best wishes,



Thank you everyone. I will call Headway and get in touch with my local one.


Hiya Rocky, I had a very serious Motorcycle Crash on Fathers Day 2007. Prior to that I was a reasonably successful Businessman and had not only started and operated 2 businesses but I was able to start to gather a reasonable property portfolio and was engaged to a very attractive, beautiful and very supportive young lady. Well sadly all of that is gone nowand I am slowly starting to rebuild my life, however I digress.

Whilst living in Bournemouth Headway became such a huge and reliable support to me that I really do not know how I would have made the Phsycological progress that to this day I have, the Headway orga isation has been a tremendous support to me and am still a regular attendee of Headway South West London where I have a great many good friends.

Get involvedRocky you won"t regret it.

All the best and with your recovery too. Best wishes Zan.



hope to go to a group, will check it out. Sounds like you have been through so much but glad you have found good support.


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