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Brain injury awareness


I was on the bus with my son going to an appointment. His 16 year old sister had a date that night and Cal just lost it. We were sat at the back of the bus and he kicked off...Started shouting how it was inappropriate that she was going out with an older lad ( he's only 17 ) and that he was a peado! and that if he saw him he would tell him so..He wouldn't let it lie and everyone was staring at us... I felt like shouting out ' yes he is loud, he has a brain injury and cannot help it!!!!!!!' aarrgghh I am starting a campaign to raise awareness about brain injuries...already got a journalist on board from a national newspaper..can I have your support? x

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You don't need to ask. The chronical newspaper up here may join in. They done lots of stories on me x


An excellent idea. There is a campaign at the moment to increase knowledge about dementia. Following this on with BI awareness would be very sensible whilst people are thinking about problems with the brain.

Hi Sambo, I totally agree that there is a lack of awareness. After I was released from hospital last year after having a Suburachnoid Haemorrage and 3 brain operations, I was unaware of all the side effects and information. I then did 3 video blogs to raise awareness and now I'm writing a book about it. Talking about behavioural issues and other side effects.

If you have a chance please watch they are only 15mins long each one.

I have attached my video blogs and hope this can help others, I went through an awful time last year but with my will power and determination I am much stronger now:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Take care Kavita X

Now you know you've got my support ... Good on ya!! X

Absolutely Sam ! xx

With out a doubt Sam. I swear I'm going to get some T shirts printed. N

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