Out of the blue a brain tumour too

I had problems with balance and double vision the end of last year.. I recovered enough to go for a MRI , I just found out o have a brain tumour .. A large pineal cyst 😦. I can admit to being very worried about what is to happen next.. I find it hard not to worry when I have little information ..

So I might need to take Another year out ..

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While the NHS offers one possible route, this link offers insights into another possible route. Could you follow both I wonder? How you proceed is largely down to your circumstance, your faith and your determination to stick to a strict diet and non chemical non flouride non bromide non bromine protocol.

Link: Waking Times - article title How to decalcify and detoxify the pineal gland


Know that you did nothing wrong. Know that it is the irresponsible corporate scientists keen to experiment with our health in the name of medicine, agriculture and household goods advances. Know that you can live a life without excessive chemicals if you can live according to strict rules about what you put in and on your body. There is another way.

Live as your grandmother did and you will come back to health. Live as your parents did - on tinned, ready made packet items and the body eventually stops detoxing the unwanted and stores it to allow dis - ease to develop.

Dr Brownstein found in a study of 6000 of the patients that attended his health practice (visiting him and other doctors he works with) who were tested and found to be either deficient in Iodine or severely deficient in Iodine. When following his protocol - taking Iodine with specific vitamin support - a whole range of illnesses cleared up. Human beings are largely driven by hormones for good health and thyroid requires enough iodine to functional optimally. Nutritional and hormonal imbalances induce a body chemistry which allows diseases to develop.

If iodine/iodide are so crucial in the body, why hasn’t there been more research studies published? Dr Brownstein believes that because iodine cannot be patented there is no incentive for the drug companies to perform the research. While goitre occurrences have reduced after they put Iodine in salt in 1924, iodized salt is inadequate to supply the body’s need for iodine, particularly in our toxic environment. More info at: hypothyroidmom.com/busting-...

Iodine deficiency is one of the main cause of impaired cognitive development in children according to the World Health Organisation. Iodine also detoxifies the body by removing mercury, fluorides, chlorides, and bromides.

Best of luck. Please discuss the above with your doctor. I wish you a healthful journey. Detoxing is not for the faint hearted but the rewards are clear thoughts. An attractive goal.

All the Best.

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i understand youre fear,my hubby had a migraine,then bam! beighn tumor! my world stopped spinning,however six momths on,his scans are looking good,hes on the road to reacovery,after major surgery,contact headway helpline they will pass on youre details to headway in youre area and give you full support,get well soon


My cyst is either due to a brain bled or hormonal issues .. There is nothing I can do by diet that will effect the cyst.

I am a student psychologist with a interest in neurology. I understand how this has occurred but not happy or cool about it..

It's not diet or environmental factors ..


These things are either genetic or bad luck. Razyheath has shown how successful the op can be & I have a friend who's recently had a successful op for removal of a benign tumour from beside his pituitary gland.

Such precise brain surgery has become standard practice nowadays so there's no reason why yours should be anything but straightforward. I get that you're apprehensive though travelhear, and I hope this can be dealt with swiftly for you and will ultimately allow you to get your life and ambitions back on track. xx

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Thank you Cat


aahh thanks cat and glad to read youre friends ok


Me too Razy. And I hope your hubby's condition continues to improve a little more each day and that things are looking brighter for you both. xx

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