A rough time

Hi all I hate the aftermath of big seizures, it scares me as I don't know what other damage it has caused me. I'm in my bubble at the moment I feel pressure and I hate how it affects my left eye. As my speech has gone I am definitely in my own little world. My little dog Coco is my best medicine when she sits with me, snuggles up to me or licks my hand its lovely.

Angie x

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  • I'm with you there! It's not pleasant is it. I'm sending you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery, this time and every time.


  • Thank you BaronC

  • Hi, you stay in your little bubble for now ... and enjoy the company :-)

  • Hi Moo thanks I will turning it all into a positive at least being in my bubble I do t have to sort anything out or deal with anything, and thoughts don't stay in my head for long :-)

    Angie x

  • Thinking of you Angie ; animals understand much more than many of us realise. My cat used to climb up behind me and 'paw' my head (no claws) when I used to be laid up with migraine sickness, and no matter how often I disturbed him to go to the bathroom he always resumed the 'therapy' when I came back. He never did that normally.

    I hope you're feeling much better now ..............love & hugs, Cat x

  • Hi Cat your so right animals are very understanding. With everyone who I thought cared disappearing on me I have become more and more in tune with animals and nature. Coco is a true companion for me, she's asleep across my foot as we speak. I'm still struggling its just going to take time to recover. Thank you for caring Cat x

  • Angie, have all possible meds been tried for controlling, or at least minimising, your seizures ? x

  • Hi Cat they've looked at my meds and have said that I'm on the best ones. I have to be so careful and control all my muscles because if I don't they'll either cause painful spasms or seizures. The situation with the ambulance service leaving me sat in a chair for 3hrs was just way to much for my body to cope with. Whenever I go out its like I'm on a timer, if I'm out too long then the problems start. The ambulance service knew this as it said so on their system

  • Such a shame ! Forgive the 3rd degree Angie, but how did the seizures start ?

  • Don't be silly I don't mind. It just started literally in one day. I was in pain in my back and legs, felt unwell then next minute I had a massive seizure. My partner said I looked like I was being electrocuted. He said I was lifting off the bed. They checked and its not epilepsy. I like hearing from you Cat x

  • It's just that sometimes there's a traumatic event behind the onset of seizures and it can be distressing for the person to talk about it, as the memory of the event is so distressing.

    I have a cousin with uncontrolled seizures but it was a result of a brain injury from an auto accident.

    I'm watching a programme about Chester Zoo where, Pedro, an anteater is critically ill...........Oh dear I'm really upset now. They did everything including CPR but he died.

    Off now m'dear ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,xx

  • I'm the same anything to do with animals really upsets me. Speak soon have a good night x

  • Cat that is so lovely! ☺ when my husband was in hospital our cat wouldn't leave my side and insisted on sleeping on top of my feet so keep me company something she wouldn't normally do either :) you're right they definitely know more than we give them credit for!


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