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Hi everyone, not feeling good at the moment, I have just been diagnosed with stage three chronic kidney disease, I'm trying to get on with life after my stroke and now this. I've just worked two long days over the weekend and felt I've struggled, tiredness and not being able to think clearly are symptoms of ckd as well as sah, so I'm on a loser. I know you all warned me of too much too soon, but financially I have no choice, I'm really at a loss of what I can do. Any advise greatly received love Alice xx

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  • Hi Ali, what age are you? Everyone has kidney disease classification accordingly. It is expected that your kidney function deteriorates with age. I too am stage 3, prior to my BI I was stage 2. I am now aged 64 and my doctor says he would expect stage 3 of a woman my age, so I am no worse than anyone else of my age, and he is not concerned but twice a year he will request blood tests to ensure my kidney function does ot deteriorate unexpectedly.

    Janet x

  • Hi Janet, I am sixty, yes I've read up on it, I just don't know if I am struggling at work, because of my head or kidneys now, they both cause tiredness, headaches etc, I've got to go back next week for more tests, plod on as usual xx

  • Oh Alice, what a worry for you. One thing wrong is bad enough, you don't need anything else to worry about. Do find the address for the kidney diseases association and get in touch with them for some good advice.

  • Hi exhausted wife, I've looked at the forum on ckd, sounds daft but they didn't seem as friendly as this one. Doc gave me leaflets, many people have this and not too serious at this stage, I'm just struggling with tiredness and headaches, which can be caused by either, think I'm a bit low trying to adapt.

  • Just try to take it one day at a time. Getting too stressed will make you feel worse. You looked at the ckd forum but have you phoned their association - I imagine they have one like we have Headway. They should be able to talk you through any queries you have.

    Look after yourself and try not to get overtired.

  • Alice my advice would be except it do your best stop work and believe in yourself.

    you do what makes you feel good . this site is good to talk to others with same illnesses .

    love what you are . do something for someone you care about . take each day az it comes do your best that's all we can do .x from the heart eddie .

  • Thanks Eddie, I do try to do the things you've mentioned, wish I could stop work, can't run my house on sick pay, otherwise I would. The government have altered retirement age and I have to work till sixty six now, think they are hoping we snuff it before they have to pay us lol. Take care love Alice xx

  • Hi Alice I'm so sorry to hear of your news and the added struggle and strain it is causing you. Maybe work is too much for you to deal with for now and if you haven't already then think about claiming ESA PIP, I hope you get some rest xx

  • Hi angelfish, yes I have applied for pip, still waiting for assessment, not holding my breath I look and appear fine, will wait and see xx

  • Remember load them with info and its not about what you can do most days its about your worst days

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