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Fuzzy Head

Hi, I'm new to this, so bear with me please.

I had a brain aneurysm almost 3 years ago now, Although I made a full recovery and survived I have developed a strange sensation in my head which is almost impossible to describe. It feels like inside my head I am wearing a helmet, not sure if its pressure or what, its weird, I don't have any pain, but its uncomfortable & Worrying, any ideas please

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Welcome Cat72. My haemorrhage was 5 years ago, and I also have a constant 'full' and dizzy sensation in my head. Others here have mentioned the same symptom, and we're all agreed it's unpleasant and intrusive thing to live with every day.

I'm told it's all part of the after effects of a brain injury but had another MRI recently just to double-check and ease my mind ; getting the results in July.

Talk to your GP if it's worrying you and ask to be referred back for further tests. Of course everything is taking longer than ever with the NHS in such dire straits, but it's just good to know you're at least in the queue. Best wishes, Cat x


Hi Cat3,

Many thanks for the response, At least its not only me who has this sensation, which is a relief I guess. Did you have a stent fitted (think that's what they call it), I have no memory of my aneurysm, but my memory now is awful, amongst other things, certainly turned my life upside down x


No I didn't have a stent Cat. But I too have no memory of my first month in hospital and, like so many others here, my short term memory is now wrecked ! I think the worst aspect of that is trying to string a sentence together and struggling with word-recall (just everyday words). I do still find it really frustrating as I used to thrive on 'hot' debates, but now I can no longer cope with arguments and even struggle with discussion I'm afraid.

That's why the forum is such a joy for expressing oneself ; we have as long as it takes to find those elusive words (when another just won't do) and we can usually manage to type, even if we're too exhausted to actually speak, so we're all equal here on Headway.

How's your mobility ; do you have any problems with balance or walking ? xx


I get that weird pressure thing too....it feels a bit like your brain is too big for your skull


Dear Cat,

I am a relative of someone with a rain injury, so I do not have symptoms myself. Having joined this community I am amazed by how often people come into the community having felt (or having been made to feel) that their symptoms are either very unusual or imaginary. Here they often discover that others feel those same symptoms and,as you said, it is a partial relief. Sometimes people share information that helped them relieve the symptoms, and that is great. Keep reading and one or another tip of that sort may be useful to you.

I will share a tip that I have used for managing pain. Yours is a sensation rather than pain, I know, but maybe it will work for you. When I feel pain, I mentally turn it into light, instead. I don't know if this makes immediate sense to you. Pain is a set of signals in our bodies. Our brains receive those signals and interpret them as pain. I have found that using visualization, I can change the interpretation part of that process so that even though I am still feeling something, I am not perceiving it as hurtful pain, but as an awareness of light, sometimes with some warmth attached. It takes a bit of focus, but becomes easier with some practice. Perhaps your "helmet" could be reimagined as a no-pressure protective layer of light that melts away at times.

I do wish you all the best,



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