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Hi everyone. I'm new here so don't really know how to work this yet lol! I was just wondering if anyone else gets a fuzzy & heavy feeling in their head? Mine makes it hard to concentrate & sometimes I get dizzy spells with it that knock me all to pot. I have anxiety anyway & to be honest it's more in the health side than anything else. I know I don't drink enough water through the day so does this have anything to do with it? I have lots of headaches that trigger my anxiety so I constantly think someone serious is wrong. I'm having physio for me shoulders and neck to help relieve tension for the headaches and I'm already seeing a therapist but these last couple days I'm having a bad batch of anxiety. Sorry for the essay, hoping someone can shine some light for me. Hope your all well x

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  • Hi Luann, I've been posting since my illness in 2012 about the strange feelings I get in my head, also telling GP consultants etc, no one could explain them or seemed to know why I might get them. I described them as a feeling of pressure build up in my head. I don't get headaches luckily nor am I epileptic, so much scratching of heads later I saw one neurologist who said he thought they were migrainous in origin without the pain. So I started treating them as headaches, they would be there daily from the moment I woke to when I went to bed, very difficult to function. Any how I found reflexology helpful, it helped me relax and seems to join everything up again.

    On my GPs suggestion I am now receiving acupuncture and am hopeful this will also help I already have much more energy.

    I still have balance problems and occasional bouts of dizziness but they come and go, but the feelings of pressure in my head are lessening in frequency, hopefully they will go eventually.

    Best wishes Janet x

  • Am wondering if you have a brain injury or whether it is more related to the anxiety problems you describe that you struggle with? Headway is an organisation for people who have suffered a brain injury and the consequent problems. Perhaps it would be helpful if you could tell us a bit more about your brain injury and how far along your road of rehab and recovery that you are?

  • I agree with Caroline on this ; it does sound more like a psychological/psychiatric issue for which there are more specific forums on HealthUnlocked.

    Do you have any kind of head injury, ie accident : stroke etc.?

    Just trying to help you find the best help available.

    Cat x

  • Oh I'm sorry I wasn't aware that headway was used for brain injuries etc. I haven't had one no, nor a stroke of any kind. I'm sorry I must've posted in the wrong forum? Thank you for your help anyway! X

  • Please select menu at top left-hand corner and then scroll to bottom of list 'til you reach 'browse communities'..............here you'll find forums for anxiety and depression.

    Hope you get the help you're looking for. Cat x

  • Hi Lauannaxo

    Hope I got that right.

    Not drinking enough water definitely won't help.

    8 glasses or 2 litres a day.

    Love n hugs


  • I thought so too, ill definitely try that. Thank you! xx

  • Hi Luann,

    Recovering H made a great post about taking magnesium supplements which helped them with their anxiety.

    I have read a bit up on magnesium before and magnesium is very important for... Just about anything that lives! Plants and animals.

    Plus as these are natural supplements, you can take as many as needed without overdosing.

    I have more faith in nature now and none when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacy drugs must be taken accordingly otherwise you can overdose. Nature, whether it be supplements, foods spices... Can be consumed as much as needed.

    I had a cold not long ago. Consumed lemon juice, bicarb + coconut water, Twinings make great natural fruit tea. Ground ginger or ground turmeric in hot water. All of that helped me defeat a cough/cold in days whereas pharmacy drugs can take weeks to shift it.

    I do not understand why people waist their money on pharmacy drugs, I really don't

    Anyway, about the headaches. I don't get much of them now. I used to get a lot of them but that was in the days were my diet was pretty awful. I had an acidic diet which nobody needs really.

    keeping the body well hydrated is key to decreasing the headaches. You say you didn't drink much water, I would try to change that. You don't have to drink all the time otherwise you would be weeing all the time. That is something I didn't like. I used to be up in the early hours of the morning.

    I make sure I drink some before breakfast. Some before lunch and some before dinner.

    And it doesn't have to be tap water either. Some people don't like the taste of tap water and I usually avoid it cos of the fluouride content, sodium fluouride that is.

    I drink coconut water.

    Take care,


  • One of the things that frequently come up with symptoms like this is fatigue.

    Fatigue is a very complex thing far from having been doing far too much or the basics of having a good nights sleep. It is about the quality of sleep, rest periods, expectations, relaxation, motivation, stress etc.

    From the limited knowledge I have on the subject the simplest of fatigue problems can compound the issues causing more symptoms.

    May be worth considering fatigue as a potential root of some of the problems

  • thanks so much for the replies! Will definitely take all in account. As for fatigue i agree that my sleeping pattern is terrible, which is probably why I'm so tired and larthargic all the time. I work from home also so its much harder to stay in a routine regarding getting up early and going to sleep reasonably if that makes sense. Thanks again all! xx

  • Hi :) welcome. You're not alone with the heavy / fuzzy head and I also find it terribly worrying. I'm waiting for more brain scans and hope for some reassurance about this and all the worrying pains I'm getting. You're bound to be anxious about this - that's a reasonable reaction to what you're going through. Good luck with your recovery and I hope you're able to get some help with all the symptoms you're experiencing. x

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