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hi everyone, I had a SAH in march and had an EVD in for a week and had an aneurysm coiled. I spent a month in hospital which i don't really remember at all but now i am fine. Get a bit tired from time to time and a bit confused at times but not sure if any is brain stuff or just an age thing! but for the last week or so i have started to feel odd in my head, a bit fuzzy. could this be not drinking enough water? On thinking i don't think i have been drinking as much as before. Thanks X

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Hi Maureen. I'm not sure if you are new but welcome anyway.

I am one of a few who will bang on about hydration being vital. It really is and taking extra cod liver oil because any brain injury means that we burn through our brain reserves a lot faster than others.

Hope this helps

Love n hugs



Thanks for that. I sort of guessed that it could be hydration but i haven't seen anything about cod liver oil before. that was my first post but i have been reading others on here for a couple of months. It is really helpful particuarly knowing that most problems are shared by others. thanks for your reply x

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I had an SAH back in December. I've been taking cod liver oil routinely for many years for an arthritic knee but I wasn't aware of its value re the SAH .


Hello Maureen. I am the same if I don't drink enough. After my op in December nurses were pushing 3 litres of water down me for the 15 days I was in hospital. I'm not drinking quite that quantity now but I soon notice if I don't have enough. My aneurism was clipped but I think the fuzziness and fatigue is a common thing after an SAH. Good luck.


Hi Maureen. I had my SBH 6yrs ago. Like you i still feel tierd sometimes, and a little dizzy as well as forgetfulness. I to don't drink enough water. ..but now the only way I can seem to drink is if I force myself to go for at least a 4-6 mile walk every day. Also what helps me is i will eat a full melon a day to. I have another anyerisum on the left side which needs coiling very soon. 😔so now im drinking more water to help with my recovery. If you feel tired rest why'll you can. Xc


thank you all for your replies. I will increase my water intake and get some cod liver oil tablets. i am willing to try anything that has worked for anyone else x


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