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Hi all. After taking advice f on u guys I thought I'd update you. Finally got to see dr and he says its most likely "tension head aches" his given me amitriptyline tablets to take at night as cause drowsiness. I did explain about my passing out for no apparent reason, and all the symptoms I am going through even sleeping a lot in day (it eases my head aches) but he seems confident that it's nothing serious, thanku all for information and taking time to read and reply to my head aches problem. Hopefully these will work. I kno there anti depression tablets but as it was stated in a reply they cover lots of things so I will give them a chance and bak to dr in about 2/3 was he said xx

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  • It's true Veron that Amitriptyline is also used for relief of nerve pain as well as for depression. But I'm still concerned that your GP has dismissed your fall and subsequent headaches & dizziness as 'nothing to worry about'. Has he looked into the back of your eyes, or examined you in any way at all ?

    I wish you'd seek a second opinion, sooner rather than later, if your symptoms continue. Best wishes. xx

  • Morning cat, he did look in my eyes and asked if my chin can touch my chest but I can't as it hurts in nape of neck going into back of head. So he says it's a tension head ach. The tablets knocked me by 1030pm woke up at 730 this am. I will monitor my head aches over next 2 was and dizzy spells to c if they are less or just same. If same I will go A&E , thanku again Hun for talking me through this most appreciated xx

  • You really should ask for another opinion, just to rule things out. I couldn't move my neck very much after a bad headache and ten days later had a nice blue light ambulance ride and surgery to clip an aneurysm. Stiff necks are not just a symptom of meningitis and tension headaches. When I went to my doctor with the stiff neck and headache he gave me antibiotics for sinusitis. Dont let it go too long.

  • Sorry if we're ganging up Veron but glad to hear you'll take further action if necessary. Let us know how you're feeling in a few days or so ?? xx

  • Bless cat, I really feel more blessed than ganged up on bless, I'm grateful to u all for info advice and replying, I wouldn't off excepted anti depressants if sospan never said, I'm willing to try as honestly the headaches have been bad an I don't want paracetamol to b part of my daily diet , I will let u no in wks or 2 Hun how things are, Thanku again xx

  • Hi, Thanku for replying, I can move my neck but bending gives me dizzy spells , the headaches have been bad over past few wks, least the dr don't think it's anything to do me banging head months ago, u c how tablets work an let u kno, Thanku again if things still same I do A&E xx

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