Persistent head aches

Hi,I was wondering if anyone can give a explanation to my head aches. I felt dizzy few months ago and fainted hitting the back of my head pretty hard as fell backwards from a standing position. Hit concrete floor and was out cold for few minutes my partner brought me round. Since then. I get pain in back of head. Feels like my brain has been numbed. I get dizzy spells and genuinely don't feel normal. Like I'm in a bubble. I can not tolerate noises as they hurt my brain. I get a mad warming sensation around my head and feels sore to touch around the back an top of head. Iv tol dr I fell he didn't seem concerned so iv plodded on, but am noticing this is happening more often. Is it a normal every day headache or is it something I need to investigated. I'm not one to take up Drs time if I not need to. Thankyou

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  • Hi Veron

    Go back to your doctor for help, you may be suffering from post concussion Symdrome and it will make you feel awful for a while, but your doctor can help with the symptoms.

    All the best Louise

  • Hi Louise.thankyou for replying, thankyou . Iv plodding on for months but really thought it just head aches. My dr isn't the most helpful dr to b honest. But I struggle when at work as I clean houses so lots bending and at times my head hurts so much I have to sit dwn and once I'm home I'm in bed . People talking to me at times seems so loud I want to cry. I really am not myself at all. I'll try book appointment a sap. Many thanks x

  • Let me know how you get on, if your not happy with your doctor ask to see someone else, I went through a few ,until found a doctor who knew what I was going through .

  • If your GP can't/won't help ask for a referral to someone who can. With those troubling symptoms after a fall, resulting in unconsciousness, you deserve an investigation into the possibility of brain trauma.

    Good luck Veron. x

  • Thanku cat and Louise. I'm going to keep trying the dr as no appointments today so will call again tomorrow, as I didn't split my head open and came round slightly dazed for bit, I assumed it can't b linked, as I say it's been few months now, but must discuss it again with gp , can't spend my life in bed with bad head, I don't drink alcohol but feel like I'm hung over at times,,, x

  • It can be linked Veron if you are suffering from post concussion syndrome which is now a recognised condition. If your GP doesn't mention this then you should ask about it. xx

  • You are showing some of the classic symptoms of a concussion.

    At the moment, it is almost like your head is bruised and needs to time to heal. When it is in this stage bending over, shaking the head or doing things like vacuuming can bring on dizzy spells, so try and avoid it.

    Practical things like taking paracetamol and wearing sun glasses do help.

    Do not be surprised when you visit the GP if he offers you anti depressants!!! It does not mean you are depressed,. Anti depressants are prescribed for several reasons with a concussion; they slow the brain down to allow the "repair process" to have an easier time; secondly the chemicals (SSRI) within the tablets help the recovery itself.

    There are a lot of mixed feeling about anti depressants and I refused them because of the stigma but that was because my GP never explained (or knew) why his diagnostic computer software was suggesting them. If it had been explained to me at the time, I would have accepted them.

  • Thanku for advice it does help to talk to others. I'm self employed but I'm guessing I may need to fold my cleaning business and find something else if needs must. Health is better than wealth. Well so I'm told, did call dr again today but appointment still, I will take myself to a walk in centre if no joy by morro.

  • I was self employed to, I had to give as couldn't cope, 4.5 years on still trying to find an alternative occupation and found no help from the careers service, job centre disability advisor, shaw trust, reploy etc. :-(

  • It's so unfair as we just want get on in life but through health reasons it seems to make things difficult,, I do hope my headaches and dizziness is just normal and that I'm probably giving my self a headache trying to work out why they are there,, on the bright side for me, I get out of the house hold chores as loading the washing brings on dizzy feeling,,

  • Hi all. After taking advice f on u guys I thought I'd update you. Finally got to see dr and he says its most likely "tension head aches" his given me amitriptyline tablets to take at night as cause drowsiness. I did explain about my passing out for no apparent reason, and all the symptoms I am going through even sleeping a lot in day (it eases my head aches) but he seems confident that it's nothing serious, thanku all for information and taking time to read and reply to my head aches problem. Hopefully these will work. I kno there anti depression tablets but as it was stated in a reply they cover lots of things so I will give them a chance and bak to dr in about 2/3 was he said xx

  • If you can tolerate them it (i.e. don't upset your tummy or give you headaches) they will take a few weeks to work - something the GP's quite often forget to tell people.

    All the best.

  • Bless he totally forgot to tell me that. Was reading side affects which have the same symptoms Ie headache dizzy spells feeling sick pins needles an so on. All which I have prior to going dr . Have to laugh as I think it's mad, I'm guessing if I have no symptoms over next few was then they must b working. Thanku again for advice as u did say they'd give me them which I would of refused if didn't read ur post. Many thanks x

  • No problem, give them a go and if they don't work then nothing much lost.

    If you do come off them - don't go cold turkey, just ramp them down slowly.

    Be interesting to see how you get on with them

  • Hi there my names Matt sorry thought I'd say as this is my wife's account I ad a tbi in 2013 I ad a couple of black outs 2years after

    After doctors and hospitals appointment got told I suffer with migraines I seem to find this true i now take a powder called paramax 500mg/5mg effervescent powder I take 1everytime I feel a bad head coming on 1powder will make it all good or some times I have 2take more though out the day I jus mix it in with my juice

    Hope this helps

  • Meant 2ave said I still get dizzy spells and bad heads not as bad tho bin told that's normal with what I've been thu

  • Hi Matt. Thanku for info, it really does help when others have suffered head aches too, really thought it just every day life but the dizzy spells and constant hang over feeling is not good, I do take paracetamol each day, I will start to rattle soon haha, thanku again for taking time out guys to give suggestions, x

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