Nerve repair

Morning all,

It's 11 months today since my ski accident and I still have problems with my head. The doctor recently said I damaged nerve cells and they take a very long time to repair and rebuild. This is why I can't lay for long or wear hair band etc.

Has anyone also had this? How long did it take your nerves to repair back to normal?

Also when I have been out drinking they are soooo sensitive? Just me?

As always thank you for your support and feedback. It means a huge amount xx

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  • Hi Dancer, this is a difficult one. I'm 5 years on and still getting nerve pains in my arms. My nerve damage has resulted from the damage to my brain caused by the swelling and also lying in a hospital bed for so long. Although moved frequently etc, certain positions must have trapped nerves and caused subsequent damage.

    You should also have been told that nerves don't always repair.

    My GP suggested I seek the help of acupuncture as the NHS can do no more. The acupuncture has helped greatly, but it has taken nearly 12 months of fortnightly treatments. Worth every penny though to reduce those pains.

    As to alcohol, I was told never to drink again. I do very occasionally, but I have to eat at the same time or I become very drunk very quickly and I don't like the affect it has on me. Really curbs the social life, I find large gatherings of people, be it pubs or wherever, far too noisy anyway.

    Best of luck Janet x

  • Hi Janet,

    You might want to look into the mushroom Lion's mane.

  • Hi Matt I'll read up about it. I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and have to be careful what homeopathic supplements I take. And before you mention all the things I could try for those conditions, been there and tried them and they don't work for me 😀

    Janet x

  • I wasn't actually going to mention things you could try for those conditions but you say you have high cholesterol, how does that affect your body?

    I am asking because I don't have high cholesterol.. Or at least I don't think I do.

    Cos I have heard that cholesterol is not as big of a threat to the body as a lot of doctors make out.

    As soon as a doctor discovers high cholesterol they likely put you on statins. Statins are handed out like sweets.

    My aunty has been on statins for years now me and my mum think she is getting slightly worse and worse over the years because of them.

    I try to steer clear from going to see my doctor and I reckon if I did see my doctor about cholesterol that would most probably say that it was high and puts me on statins... Only I wouldn't take them.

  • Hi Matt, sorry I'm late replying I'm at my daughters down south now I was just going out for the train before.

    I know all about the statins and I was a while before I would agree to take them. I only agreed on the proviso that if I had any adverse reactions I would stop them immediately, but I can honestly say I've been taking them for over 3 years now and I've been ok, if I forget to take them I'm not concerned and my cholesterol level is fine now.

    Thanks Janet xx

  • hi dancer i know the pain of nerve damage i still have it three years post stoke and yes it does take a long time to subside i dont know about repair my doctor told me about the pain in the left side of my body he said i will always have it not what i wanted to hear so i will have to wait and see i use alternative mediine for my pain relief with good effect but each to their own

    good luck and take care


  • Hi Peter,

    You might want to look into the Lion's mane mushroom.

  • thanks matt realy interesting article

    take care


  • hi matt just sent you a pm now looking for the same in vape oil

  • Hi Dancer,

    I have nerve damage as well.

    I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1996 and nerves were damaged when TRYING to remove it.

    Doctors told me that bruised nerves take ages to heal, years maybe and that severed nerves can never heal.

    These days I have more faith in nature and I have read a few things about regenerating nerves. I do not believe what the doctors told me.

    I am a man on a mission to repair my damaged nerves and I shall do it without the help of man-made treatments.

    I have recently found out about the mushroom 'Lion's mane' and it sounds brilliant.

    Look at this link, I think you will find it very interesting. There are a couple of videos included and the video of the Mycologist Paul Stamets is very interesting.

    I have now got me some of the Mushroom mix coffee including Lion's mane and I also have some Lion's mane extract which I add to my healthy smoothies.

  • Hii,

    Yes I think it's a long haul for things to settle. I still can't lie on the back of my head. Still have severe pain on and off - especially in this cold weather. Also can't do alcohol - maybe one tiny glass of wine with a meal, but it's a big risk so I don't bother :) xx

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