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Being told by Cognitive Therapist I am going to be treated for Parkinson's as the treatment has helped the brain repair itself

I have just read what I wrote #@#'# computer did not write what I typed

Had first session therapist has said cognitive therapy is for people with mental illness

Because I have had a brain injury he classes it as a physical illness

He is going to treat me as if I had Parkinson's disease as the therapy will help my brain repair itself any one heard of this

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I'm no expert, but this does make sense to me. I have read on the Headway website that working with brain injury to support recovery does use different techniques to those that you might use in other cases. An example of this is that many of us learn best through making mistakes, but for people with a brain injury it can be better to use a techniques called errorless learning.

I've also read that repetition helps the brain build new pathways so that the thing you learn comes more naturally.

I think what your therapist said may show that they do understand brain injury...what do others with more knowledge than me think?


So what type of therapy is he wanting to do with you?


Two cakes has explained it well thanks I believe it is in the early days for this therapy, we spent an hour discussing it, he was impressed that I had learnt a lot about Brain injury/ damage. He was also impressed by this forum and by Headway We also discussed as equals the difference between suffering from mental illness and Brain injury/damage

I have to admit he impressed me


Funny, I've just asked my GP about Parkinson's because although I do not shake, I feel as if I am almost constantly, but he just dismissed it and said there was nothing to suggest I have it or will in the future, so I'm none the wiser, and I still feel like I'm shaking!


Funny that my Gp (when he found about my accident ) implied that I had a high probability of either Alzheimer's or Parkinson's in the future as a result of the injury

It is I suppose lucky that this particular doctor is interested in head injury and therefore is well read on the subject.

I know when he is in the same patient's forum meeting as I he accepts the occasional pooh bah I make in communication


I'm so happy you found a doctor who knows what he is doing!


Its thanks to this forum that I have learnt so much

I used to work in a gp's surgery as an advice worker 10 years ago and even then there was hardly any real knowledge about this subject


Sounds a really good doctor- what part of the country you in?


Sheffield Yorkshire





Just an update

This is proving to be a major learning curve just been given homework to watch various videos on the internet regarding Brain Injury it is really amazing how rubbish the treatment / lack of I received after my accident taking into account the seriousness of my accident ( it has turned out I was very ill at the time )

The general feeling is that i had done amazingly well to cope with all the problems linked to my TBI with the lack of support I received from the medical profession

The mindfulness homework is not very successful as I cannot relax due to Sciatica etc

Would recommend pushing your GP for referral to a cognitive therapist even at this late stage (50 yrs after the STBI )


Great you have somebody interested in your case. good luck !


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