Vagus nerve dysfunction

I'm coming up to 4 years since my concussion. Most things have settled except for these crashes I get when I'm tired. I have been treated for adrenal fatigue and that made a huge difference. And I thought I could go back to my work out routine. But the crashes started to happen again. Now I get humming in my head and dizziness. My doctors can't work out what it is - to be fair they aren't too worried. They are sending me to a cardiologist to make sure my heart is functioning well.

The only thing that prevents the crashes is eating regularly - as in every hour - drinking electrolytes in my water and sleep. I just read about the vagus nerve dysfunction and thought maybe this is what's going wrong. I did injure my neck in my fall so maybe the vagus nerve got damaged. My symptoms are that my heart slows down but I can hear it thudding loudly, intense nausea, stomach upset and leg cramps if I leave it, I'll start getting shakes as well. Only calms down after I've drunk rehydrating salts or a banana. Has anyone experienced this ?

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  • Asbas, interesting post! Look forward to the replies you get as I wonder about damage to my vagus nerve in past concussions from falls from horses.

    All the best to you. 💐 GG

  • Thanks!! I'll explore it with my doctor as well and let you know how I go.

  • Thanks, that would be good to know. GG

  • I am sorry for your symptoms like you said drinking water is very good but I had that drinking warm water before breakfast is very effective and same at night before bed

    Hope you will be fine soon and again think positive is very good

    Take care and God be with us

  • Yes, sporadically from time to time. So far all I've figured out is that it seems to happen more when I'm overdoing things, especially exercise. I think this is a tough one to know what causes what for each person. You may want to check out a couple of resources that may relate to this: Google Dr Jeremy Schmoe who is a functional neurologist and also the Carrick Institute

  • Great thanks . I'll check them out. Yeah mine is triggered by my body being tired. Overdoing exercise definitely brings it on. I can only do half the exercise that I used to be able to before my fall.

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