well took scott to the doctors Thursday ,it seems he has been having TIA and in the worst part of your brain the basal ganglia seems he has SVD small vessel diesese they are going to give him another mri scan to make sure there is no new scaring the are sending him to the stroke team . the doctor did say that if we lived in a city his recovery would have been good but as we are rural there services arnt here but now he will be going to stroke team he should start getting the right help he also did his BP again and it was spot on so not high HP cousing svd he has given him another 3 month sick note he will be on more tablets now but at least things are going in right way now he did say he is not sure on how much more recovery we will get.i just wished they did mri scan while he was in hospital and not 4 months later as he could have had 4 months of treatment ,but hay hoo we must keep going forward

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  • Dear Irish Rose,

    This is tough news but such a hopeful turn from a diagnosis and treatment standpoint. Knowing things sooner and getting going on treatment sooner would have been good, but as you note, the great thing is that there is focused attention on a clear diagnosis now. I am wishing all sorts of good things for that doctor you saw -- may he continue to give you and other families valuable insight, treatment and confidence. Mostly I am wishing you and Scott the best. You must both be very tired. I trust you feel some relief today, knowing that stroke specialists will be on the case.

  • yes lets hope things start going the right way from now on tired ? I think I have gone past the point of tired .but am hopng that I can take scott away for xmas for 4 weeks I really don't want xmas here this year I just want to sit and chill x

  • It's so often a case of one step forward and the next one back isn't it ? (Trouble is you've been standing still haven't you Susan).

    But now with Scott's diagnosis it'll hopefully mean he really can go forward..............and in the right direction this time !

    It's really good to hear he'll be getting the help he's been needing for too long ; I hope this will make a big difference to daily life for you both.

    Love Cat xx

  • hi cat3 you are so right but at least when he sees the stroke people we may get a clearer picture of what has gone off and were we go from here least I wont be in limbo and we can both move forward,the only thing that seems to worry the doctor now is his recovery because its now 6 months from the RTC and head injury

  • I'm not sure GPs are the best informed medical professionals when it comes to brain injury.

    I'd be more interested in what the stroke team have to say. After all, they deal with recovering brains every day so are much better qualified to make judgements on Scott's progress.

    From my own experience, and from what I've learned from Headway, 6 months is pretty early days considering the range of issues caused by brain injury.

    And we're all different, so maybe we need to accept that although after-effects are often lifelong, reaching our best possible level of recovery will take 'As long as it takes' ??

    Hope all goes well with the stroke team and their input will bring positive results at last.

    Best wishes to you both, Susan................ xx

  • yes cat3 will at what they say first x

  • Hi Susan.

    It's not good that Scott has been having Tia's this long but the good news that now he is being referred to a stroke team and rehabilitation can start.

    Thinking of you both

    Love n hugs


  • Sorry to read this but glad he will be getting seen by the correct people! Hopefully things will move along nicely! Best wishes! xx

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