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to you all and headway ,there has been so many times I wanted to give up and go hide and even start a new life on my own ,my hubby has pushed me to the brink and back I have cried shouted screamed and hit out :{ I even asked god why he took my hubby away and gave me a man I don't know,but I guess it was very hard on him too he has not a lot of memory of his past now he repeats himself all the time he forgets what he is trying to say he gets upset with himself he often wets himself he is not the man he defo was but I must say now and again he makes me realise scott is still in there and I now realise he is a new scott and we get by every day we take every day as it comes and we are so thankfull we have that as some with head injurys never make it :{ so am thankfull for what I have not what I have lost xx just wanted you all to know the jurney is hard my god its hard and sometimes the road seems to long . please stay with it we all learn to adapt beat wishers to each and every one of you for 2017 regards susan and scott xx without you all here I doubt if I would have made it through you have lifted me up so many times and reading some of the post on here makes me blessed x

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  • And all best wishes to you Susan ; I hope 2017 will take you along a smoother road than this year has ; you deserve some peace and pleasure in your life ! Love Cat xx

  • the same to you too cat3 xxxx what am trying to say work with what you got not what you have lost xx blessings xx

  • Yes Susan, Achieving 'Acceptance' is what the experts maintain is the only viable way forward ; looks like you've reached that vital point ! Have a good weekend m'dear. Love Cat xxx

  • And here's to all the very best for 2017 for you both, for continued recovery, and for peace and better luck xxx

  • beat wishers for you to chick xx love and light xx

  • Wow what a strong message but scarily I can relate to the whole thing :(. Yes it's awful 'losing' the husband you had before but I have to constantly remind myself how much worse things could be. We soldier on and with the support of many lovely people will make the most of this new life. Best wishes for a Happy New Year x

  • Like so many of us our days are like a rollercoaster but we have to hold on tight. You have had a tough time please be kind to yourself. Heartfelt best wishes to you both for 2017 and to everyone else on here xx

  • Wish there was a big hug button on here so I could send you a giant one.


    TN x

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