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Hi Jules so lovely o hear from you. How's the PTSD therapy going......difficult,t I should say......what's the length of time is will last

I,m ok I guess after the big blow out last week........I,m sill not talking very much to Paul but I can deal with that.... infact I actually like being in the house by myself. T did make me consider how easily I can get into a n all consuming rage though and that's not good for me or Paul is it. It would be interesting to know from other posts if this is a symptom of bi

I know I s partly to do with non acceptance of whatever's going on in my brain.......spoke to a lady last night......,,things she said just rang a bell.....,,she talk d about her saying "it's not me" "I s t me ..........that's the way I feel,,somewhere living in someone else's brain I guess....,,do you ever, ever get over hat feeling I wonderl

Please look after yourself and you are care x

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Hello Mum - just Jules here.

Yep, others here will tell you about 'the rage' and brain injury.

I had a huge argument today with mine - i am sitting here probably feeling a little like you.

So very pleased you are now on Headway - i bet it is opening your eyes and you hear a lot from others that mirrors your own.



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I'm dealing with an alternative medical issue right now (nothing to do with brain)....but hope you are well and not to expect too much of yourself in the early times.


farjarbirb thats you lady, thats me too. pms 365days of the yearonly difference is .......im a bloke.

i did seek help doc gave me epilim which is usually given to people with epilepsy.......the result was it calmed me down but resulted in me piling on 8 st so not happy!!!

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Hi Steve, because I am a new member and not particularly good at computers, I only got half your message.

I just wanted to say, thank you for replying and please keep in touch. It's a very lonely world right now for me. X


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