Hello to all .. New guy !!

hi my names Paul .. gone through a bad accident when i was 22 ... suffered brain damage and ive worn the T Shirt like everyone else here who has sufferd in someway .. we are all the same here .. just to let you good people know im here to lend an ear or try to understand or give advice but i can only give a perspective of what ive been through or how i handle things .. i dont claim to be a know it all but i hope i can help someone here , even if its just a hello .. well thanks for listening and keep ya chins up !!!!

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  • Hey Paul, nice to meet you :) x

    Its nice to hear things from other perspectives sometimes. As we all know survivors are all different but its the help and support, that can help.

  • thanks spiralling .. nice to meet you too

  • Hi Paul, nice of you to visit this site, im a mum who's son at the ahe of 18 sustanined a brain injury, if you ever want to talk just email or ask anything. my son will answer all you need and want to know, just remember you are not alone out there ok> take great care

  • thanks 2012gee .. nice to meet you and give your son my best wishes too

  • and i just might take you up on your kind offer of support ... Please to virtually meet you hun and welcome abored this wobberly ship, hehe

  • hello zainey nice to meet you , love the trike .. i want one .. lol just read your profile story .. sickening to say the least , i hope one day they get there karma and pay in full ... anyway enough of those lowlifes .. they have taken to much of my time and yours .. least thinking about them the better ... glad your making the best of things and a good sense of humour

    hop to see you around .. best wishes Paul

  • Hello Formula, also a Paul I had TBI when 17 in 1967. It's been a long journey but not too bad now having been in steady employment for 32 years. Before that I had difficulty in settling but now I'm not too bad.

    I enjoy a good swear, odd pint and my family. Don't have many friends but I am happy as I am. Good luck to all BI Survivors

  • hello brainedat .. thanks for taking the trouble to stop by , it is a long journey one i dont think you ever complete ... sometimes i think what physical pain i first went through and the 9 months hospital stay is insignificant with your mental and emotional journey begins when everything begins to sink in or how your life changed in so many ways even down to the way you view life and the people in it .. that seems the hardest of all , i was 22 when my world fell apart 20 years on and you still go through the ups and downs .. sometimes you can forget your circumstance then the slightest thing bring you back down to earth !

  • It's very true Formula. I used to have terrible headaches that I couldn't cope with and used to neck paracetamols as though they were going out of fashion. Only now I find out its not good for your liver.......always have to explain when I have blood tests as to what I did in the past. But, in the swing of things, I've not turned yellow yet and I expect to draw my pension. Good mental attitude is a great asset.

  • Hi paul my name is claire and my son peter 16 was hit by a car on the 5th nov .... he had a blood clot removed from his brain and suffered many other injuries. it is still very early days for us and peter but i am trying to educated myself as much as i can about brain injuries and recovery. at the moment peter has just been moved out of intensive care and came out his coma 5 days ago. it was the left hand side of his head that was injured so he isnt moving the right hand side of his body but is showing signs of trying. the nursing staff have given us a period of 6months - 2 yrs recovery period for peter is there any advice that anyone can give me to help my son's recovery go as smoothly and effectively as possible ??? i myself am only 33 and never had anyone in my family or friends who have been through this sort of thing. any advice would b very much appreciated. thanx

  • hello and welcome ,

    hi claire .. the story reminds me of myself in some ways my head injury was my cerebellum, and brain stem and it afected my speech, my right handside from head to toe and , the younger you are you have a better hope of a recovery because your brain is able to re route some functions by using other brain cells and when your young your still making them .. they often keep you in a slight induced state of sleep so your body can do as much healing as possible in the early days of a brain trauma , the advice i would give you as a parent is encourage him as much as possible but not pressurize him .. obvious hes going think his world has fell apart .. and maybe think he not going to get better .. he needs a i sign that there is light there at the end of that tunnel , . i remember not feeling to good about myself and looking at my big toe on my right foot forcing it with all my might to wiggle it .. and for a second it felt like it moved just slightly and i thought wow .. that was my sign to fight and you do need fight a gritted determination to suceed and not let it beat you .... if you cant do something today, try again tommorow .. i learned to walk again by taking one step at a time and thats what your both going to do .. one step at a time .. ive said before on different post .. dont let it beat you! .. keep that fight in your belly and prove the doctors wrong .. there will be a lot of emotional battles to ... just be brave and be strong for your son and tell that lad of yours put up a good fight and never give in .. my best wishes to both of you and a speedy recovery ..

    remember he has youth on his side


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