great weekend

although every weekend is great for me because i go out with my wife , today was really special, my mate agreed to see me.

i hadnt done anything to offfend him but due medical cuts, he hadnt got the attention needed and as a result ended up in hospital only allowing his wife to come and see him, so you can imagine my joy when my wife gets a phone call asking if id like to go didnt have to ask twice

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  • Thank you both for being there when we needed you and Ron agreed that I could ask you to come. You'll never know how much I need that hug. xx

  • not a problem. i put the same message on the vets site ( forces past and present ) and it just went mad with well wishes.

    like i said any time you need a break just give me a buzz and ill come round with pleasure

  • Thanks for that, the problem is his pride and loss of dignity, you saw how emotional he became. He's feels so guilty that I have to do so much for him now and he's know how difficult it is for me because of my TBI. Today the GP rang and wants him to go back into hospital but he has said no! So I don't know what will happen next.

  • Nice story Steve ; hope your friendship is back on track. :-/ x

  • cat the friendship was always my love, it was just an old soldiers pride. im ex forces myself so i understood that

  • As you've found Steve, pride can be a recipe for loneliness and regret ; it's great to hear you're addressing the issue with love & understanding.

  • hi cat please see the 2 posts from suef thats his wife, id wanted to visit for a while but because..................and i understood, thats what friends do. but thankyou for your lovely comment

  • Yes, I've seen them Steve. It looks like the time is right for reconciliation ; I hope it's everything you want it to be ............and more. x

  • sorry theres nothing to reconcile cat, he just doesnt like people seeing him in hospital looking vulnerable.

    plus my mate 86

  • Sorry Steve, I was meaning I'm pleased that Ron has managed to put his pride aside and is reconciled to seeing you again, despite his reservations about his vulnerable appearance.

    Really hope all goes well for you both !

  • sorry cat i mis interpreted your meaning

  • No worries Steve ! xx

  • Lovely to hear good news like this! xx

  • Yes, it is good to be able to read good news , all best wishes

    Nan x

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