Amazed yet again!

Last year my son had his accident. He was twelve, now thirteen xx Its been 14 months x. He had a bleed and removal of seven clots. Induced coma for ten days and home two weeks later. As amazing as he is anyway,. It now appears his mathematical abilities are totally off the charts!!?? His teachers are amazed at the difference. He is only just back at school full time too so how can this be real?? Travis will continue to amaze me forever, with or without his new gift xx. Hes still here!! Xx and i just wanted to share some happy thoughts x. Out of darkness comes something wonderful xx. Keep fighting everyone xx theres good things for us all just waiting xxx

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  • How wonderful! What a joy to hear of something so good coming from something so awful.

    Good wishes to you all.

  • What wonderful compensation for your boy after what he's been through.

    We know our brains are mysterious & complex organs. but this is something else !

    I imagine the doctors have theories about this post-injury development but, for me, it sounds a little bit like a miracle !! Really great news Becky.

    All best wishes, Cat xx

  • Superb...I gained a knack for languages after my accident at about his age...I wonder whether it's because the portions of the brain that aren't affected really start to shine. Not that I'm a neurologist, but either way, it's really great news :D

  • That is wonderful i am still fighting to get myself better but issstruggling just waiting to see a neurologist. Glad you have come through this awful nightmare with amazing results there's hope for us all.

  • Great to hear such brilliant news on this site. I'm positive your lovely son will keep on amazing everyone. Tj=hanks for sharing this positive news with us. I feel I will finally get around to some jobs I keep putting off :-)

  • What a wonderful and positive thing to come from something that was very traumatic. I wish him all the very can only go up now by the sounds of it. I had a bleed on the brain although nothing like he had. But I feel my brain is using a different area as I feel a completely different person in a positive way. Because he is young this new found ability will only become a brilliant thing, who knows where it will lead him? What a wonderful story. All the very best to you all xxx

  • "Wow"

    How fantastic I'm so pleased for you all.

    Keep up the good work !!!!


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