Missing Bucket List

Hello Elanor

Just read your post and it could be me writing it.

Only difference is Hobbies. Although I dont know if mine count as Hobbies now. I am still starting and not completing lots of creative projects, looking to see if i can make something beautiful, something others would value and want. Is that still a hobby ? Its not really with the aim of pleasure doing it, its most often shear hard work for nothing because it didnt work. But now and then i produce something that is good enough (i think) to keep.

Even down to the housework Elanor, i am the same, but i cant accept that cleaning is why someone gave me a second chance at life.



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  • Oh dear....there are two of us with the cleaning bug. I can't sit down.....then get over tired and by the time hubby comes home I have a bad case of the weeps. Im cross with myself for not stopping when I know I'm doing too much. I need to add 'sitting down not thinking about stuff' to my bucket list.

  • a hobby yes something creative you can give with love, something you enjoy doing yourself or maybe with a friend or your headway group

  • I'm very slowly knitting a cardigan, I don't think it will be finished by this winter, but I'm determined to finish it. I know it doesn't compare to exciting trips, but I think it does feel good to have something to show for your efforts.

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue Jules here,

    I cant knit , When i was a very young girl at school, say maybe 11 years old i was one day plonked in the middle of a knitting class, i think i was the new girl and had missed a few lessons, I was obviously traumatized by knitting because i remember iit !

    The lesson was to make a pair of burgundy mittens and you were supposed to use 3 knitting needles in a triangle. Well, i did try, but the more i tried the worse, and tighter the wool became. The wool got really tight and after many days trying to resurrect a mitten the wool itself became grubby looking horrible mess, but I had produced something thou and ringing in my ears now as we talk is knit1 pearl 2.... not sure if thats right now ! I remember the teacher looking zt the bit of mitten = she must have been sniggering to herself I think !

    Tonight I have been working on my butterfly cupboard., An old cupboard, tall slim with 2 draws at hip height,I have glossed it in duck egg blue (WHICH comes out like a beautiful translucent greeny blue (matching one o f the colors on the butterfly wings, the top and feet are glossed chocolate brown and the frame gloss white. I stole the butterfly from a set of old wooden screens i had upstairs and glued it to a base for one if 2 doors. Its got the look of an mint and chocolate ice cream with the colors and looks quite a feminine cupboard now. I quite like it.

    Just like the mittens, some things dont change - i still get grubby when i work on my projects, gloss paint and wood shavings everywhere ! cut i enjoyrf doing it. I hope to finish it, I complete very few things since te crash.

    whats your favorite craft thing Sue - is it knitting ?




  • I love being in the countryside, the outdoors, being by or in water, anything peaceful. I think alot of us on here appreciate the outdoors and just pottering and looking.

    Best wishes


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