The not knowing

Regarding weird and strange sensations after a craniotomy what are we expected to think when we experience these?????

My op was beginning of April for a brain abcess so its still lurking in the depths of my brain and at times with every new twinge,ache or strange sensation It starts me thinking,yes, I can still do this and remember things.

What I would like to know is,is it expected to feel things on the opposite side from the operation and try not to think here we go again.

Also can't keep going to the hospital or dr's with every new unusual feeling in fact my out patient visit was limited time to ask many questions,i'd probably still be there now nearly 3 weeks ago.

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  • I always write a list when I see the GP or my consultant, I am extremely fortunate in having excellent consultants, and if I have a concern telephone the consultants secretary explain the concern and ask for the consultant to call me back, so I'd suggest you try that

  • Unfortunately over here its different unless of course you go private.

    I had my list with me and ended up asking extra things and looked up and saw the next patient entering in the room.

  • Perhaps you are too polite;

    Just sit straight back head held high, and say 'excuse me, we have no finished', then turn your head towards the entering patient and ask them to leave the room. I once had a GP who would set a cookery timer the moment you walked into the room, after 60 seconds the bell would ting and he would look at the door. I became so frustrated at this that when the bell tinged, I grabbed it and reset the timer. I now have a GP who is the exact opposite, he keeps me sitting there for 30 minutes plus and at the end of the consultation he makes an appointment for a follow up...when needed. He is fantastic, but as I've said to him, he is the real life 'Doc Martin, he is totally lacking in all social graces, but I always feel supported; he has always been there when I have a problem. I do accept that different countries will have different systems, just try and turn it around to your needs. When are you coming back to England I can recommend a good consultant?

  • The comment about resetting the timer did make me

    I am one of these people sometimes I don't have to say anything the look says it all.:)

  • yes you are now making me smile. The way I deal with difficult situations is think of a character and then get into that character. Gender swapping helps keep a smile on my face; for instance when I'm really pea'ed off I think of Betty Davis on Death on the Nile. Shirley McClain is another good character. I think I was rumbled wen once my GP said...'I think your having a rough 40 years'...time to change character. And just in case you ask no I'm not I'm a social worker

  • I know that feeling, I get weird sensations in the left side of my head all the time, makes me panic a lot.

    I think it's just your body fixing itself, nothing to worry about :) Easier said than done mind.

    Hope all gets well for you!

  • Hi B_S_A

    exactly like you say weird feelings make you panic but agree fully its fixing itself which is a good sign for me:)

    Also do you find sometimes you just want to stick your fingers in there and give the scar a good scratch weird feeling.

    Not forgetting the tightening sensation on the scalp I suppose that's what maybe a face lift feels like :)

    Good luck to you:)

  • It's quite common to get 'referred' pain' on the opposite side to the site of the wound. One of the commonest examples is where a dental patient will complain of severe pain on one side of the pallet when the troublesome tooth is actually on the other side.

    In the case of your surgery, the wound will still be healing, which may cause odd sensations in various areas apart from & as well as the site of the op.

    The surgeons were pleased with your operation and it's outcome, so maybe it's time for you to start sharing in that pleasure and stop worrying unnecessarily about something which is probably never going to happen.

    Please, Mandy, try to dwell on fact not fear. The fact being that you've been mended and your life lies ahead of you. :-) xx

  • Hi Cat

    I did wonder about referred pain actually.

    With only recently having the op and the shock of it I am slowly trying to accept what happened.


  • Good girl. The more you stick to positive thoughts, the sooner all this will fade and you can begin to live & laugh again. :-) xx


  • Hi Zeblet,

    I am now accepting how far I have come without getting in a panic when I start getting new strange sensations and feelings.:)


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