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Hillary Clinton - first modern head of government with a head injury?

With Hillary Clinton getting her party nomination to run for president, she could well be one of the first people to suffer a head injury and then become head of a country.

Whilst stories vary between a fall or blood clot, she did have a period of wearing prisms washingtonpost.com/news/to-...

Whilst there are many reasons why the world wouldn't want Trump as president, having a TBI survivior as US President will surely be a huge positive statement for us all

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I'd vote for her ; brain issues or not, at least she has a working brain unlike that odious moron Trump !

I'm sure that are many competent people in government & business who've suffered minor brain injuries but, you're right Sos, her history will be scrutinised as she approaches the winning post.

I'm certainly routing for her ! xx


I too would choose her way before Trump! No competition really is there! Anyway I'm biased as I've never really been a fan of doughnuts!!!! ;)

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I'm not so sure what to think on this one. Clinton might have a mild TBI but that doesn't make her a nice person.

According to what I have heard going around, she is a witch and all for GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

A big biochemical company called Monsanto are the ones who make all kinds of wicked chemicals that cause great great harm and these GM foods also belong to Monsanto.

For example, Tomatoes and other fruit die out in extreme cold temperatures so they have gone and taken the genetics of a certain animal that can survive extreme cold and spliced it with a tomatoe.

'Frankenfood' is another term for GMOs. GMOs have been proven by scientists that they cause more harm than good.

And the next potential president of America is pto GMO!!

I wouldn't want someone like that running the country.

Thanks but no thanks.

Take care,



Or the alternative is Trump .......


Which probably isn't any better.

I'm not looking into the presidential election really. It works in a similar way to the voting system here.

No matter who the prime minister will be, they will be a crap one.

I actually wonder why we have a government at all. Humans were put here to live, just like the rest of these wild animals on earth. And yet we have to pay for a living! Why?

Money is just metal and paper and some people go mad for it.

"The love for money is the root of all evil".


HC is the only person i have heard of who suffered the same as me....she had cvst in 2012 , and whether I agree with her politics or not she is a bit of a role model in that if she can run for president, I can achieve much in my life.

However, she didn't write back when I wrote to her about cvst.....bit busy I guess.


I have been trying to find a definitive article on what he injury was, some articles vary from a stroke, concussion after a fall, small bleed, cvst etc.

One of the things is that is remarkable is the transformation in her appearance after her injury she genuinely looked poorly, facially and her hair at best can be said as disheveled, now she looks quite radiant.

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Wonder what her 'cure' was apart from the prisms! They don't quite suit her in that pic. She's also had a hell of a lot of world politics experience which makes her a more suitable candidate than Trump. But in some respects I think we are seeing a similiar thing with J Corbyn - totally different from the usual type of Politician.

Neither are giving much away in terms of future serious policies. It's the Media/papers making, or making up, many of the headlines! However Trimp seems to be the warmonger where Corbyn isn't! I think HC is somewhere I between - won't hesitate to hit back if hit! Or she'll try and talk her way out of things - like the emails?


Trump and her announcements today after the Orlando shootings were quite a concern - Trump virtually saying all Muslims were evil and Clinton publicly insulting the Saudi's wasn't good.

However, I think the US will miss Obama whom actually comes across to me as quite a good leader


Hadn't seen or heard their comments, but I agree about Obama, I think we need someone with his openness and honesty in charge in Europe and various member states.

The best person I heard today on Daily Politics , about the Referendum was a man who pointed out it was the cost of running the EC taking our money. There was a Pankrms documentary last year I think, about Nigel Farage and how much he earns from being a MEP who hardly ever turns up to the EU Fisheries and Agricultural Policy meetings. But claims all his expenses because he as doing something else in Brussels.

Yes Politicians have a lot to answer for and to!


I'm still waiting for that transformation ! :-)


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