Perfect job for people with a head injury

I have been pondering for some time what job I could do which would allow you to occasionally get things wrong and it not really affect what the end result is.  Well today, I realised that there is a job  out there for us - Weather forecaster !

Its the perfect job for us, we can stand in front of the camera, grin and make out that we know what we are talking about, flail our arms in the air and then if we don't get it right we can have another go again tomorrow,  Perfect.

And of course we don't have to be that specific either. This is the actual long range forecast from the Met Office for April - complete with a typo  :-)

UK Outlook for Wednesday 13 Apr 2016 to Wednesday 27 Apr 2016:

Through the rest of April the weather is very uncertaint. However it is more likely to be changeable with a mixture of sunny spells and showers, or longer spells of rain. However some longer drier spells are also likely.

See, its easy we can all do it. All the forecasters need to know are a few basic things:

Weather changes (really)

We will have some days with sun and some with rain (Well we don't live in the desert or the rain forest)

There may be days when we have two dry days together or two wet days together.  (Wonder if you can get odds at the bookies for that in April!)

And since its April,  forecasting showers isn't beyond a six year old.

Start dusting off your CV's the Met Office need us.

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  • What a fantastic idea!   And it wouldn't matter if we made an error, after the storms of 1987, we could quietly remind them of this, and the fact Michaeal Fish has not sustained his brain injury, or the Met Office, our errors are minor in comparasions 😋. The role of weather presenter is at max five minutes live on TV,  with a room to rest nearby, and a helicopter to shorten travelling time. Members who like to go to bed early could take 6 pm shift and night people present 10 pm .  good idea Sospan 🤓

  • Good idea, Forgot about the weather being 24 hours!

    The insomniacs among us could do the night weather :-)

  • LOL then if you did really well at it you could get a dergee in metorolgy! Plus being dylesxic i could do it as wouldnot have to map read! love it 

  • Even better no words for dyslexics to have to struggle with, just a few symbols

  • Great idea!  Have always said weather people have the best job in the world, answerable to no-one.  Our Michael Fish being remembered fondly on the storms of 87.  Had a tree through the roof.  Thanks Michael!

    I trotted along to my local community action centre and described the skills I thought I had.  I was allocated lovely simple things like tidying piles of paper, making badges, photocopying after being shown which buttons to press and writing the order down, and then I moved onto making tea, and finally some simple spread sheet work once they got to know me and I built my confidence up.

    The good thing about offering your services to a voluntary organisation is that you don't have to use your frontal lobe to plan what it is you want to do.  I lost my ability to plan so having someone tell me exactly what jobs were available was key ( I was offered gardening - weeding and tidying up; I was offered car collection and delivery - didn't fancy the responsibility as I could barely drive confidently; I was offered wash up duties in the evening at local voluntary events - didn't fancy going out in the evenings as my energy tailed off then). 

    Best of luck with finding something that suits you. 

  • Yep, poor old Michael Fish,  just like Custer at the Little Big Horn what do you mean Indians, nonsense !

    Glad the volunteering is working out for you, whilst there are lots of opportunities down here the majority are either fundraising (tin rattling) or exploitative (should be paid jobs).  Much like yourself, I couldn't to the interesting ones due competency or health and safety risks.

    Still will keep on looking

  • Lucky  I've got my fur cones ! : ))

  • Ha ha love it. Made me chuckle this morning. X

  • I can just see it ; Sospan giving an outrageously spoofy weather report whilst waving to friends & family.   x

  • Yep,  I am that transparent.

    In a style of Jack Dee meets Rhod Gilbert

  • officer in the armed forces sospan. give them a map and a compass and theyre more dangerous than a grenade with the pin removed !!!

  • as an ex wren this did make me laugh x :-)

  • sunflower2 pompeye or guz little jenny ?

  • Pompey (mostly) long time ago though lol x

  • sunflower2 im ex crab been out 30yrs......brought up in guz used to drink in the naval arms.

       detached to the roal tournament in 79, boss always let me off for the field gun.

    this particular time guz were running against pompeye......found myself in the wrong end....only found out out when i started shouting for guz, then someone shouted he s only crab what does he know....pompeye lost and guz went on to win the tournament... happy days little jenny !!!

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