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Hillary Rodham Clinton

A lot of people support Hillary Clinton and every time I hear people saying good things about her and that they would vote for her if they could it makes me cringe.

I would never vote for Hillary, I would never vote for Trump, I would not vote for anyobdy. It's not as if you HAVE to vote.

But I am no good at explaining these things and why I hate Hillary so instead I have posted a video made by Lisa Haven who is much better at explaining and might make people think differently of Hillary.

Independent media is the way, mainstream media isn't.

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Glad I don't have to choose/ vote....And haven't watched the whole clip that you posted.. but know that she did suffer cvst in 2012 (same type if stroke as me), so I have followed her campaign with a sense of aspiration. If she can run for president, there's hope for me. I personally suspect that some of her bad points/suspect actions actually related to the brain illness and do still wonder about her more recent pneumonia......hmmmm. glad I don't have to choose......


If I was an American civilian I would not vote for anybody to be a president. Bill Clinton's horrible, George Bush is horrible, Barrack Obama is horrible and Hillary is just as horrible, if not worse.

The video posted gives you an idea and there is a lot more evidence on the internet.

But that's the American elections. UK elections don't differe that much.

I have only voted twice in my life and I regret it. Never am I voting again. It is a complete waste of time.


I'd always vote.......or turn up at least....women died to give us females a vote ....so it's only right I should turn up.

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That's exactly it though, we don't need to change things. All we humans need to do is live.

It is said that humans are the intelligent species.

We are the only species on planet earth that pay to live.

Now to me, that does not sound very intelligent.

And to live life, there is no need for a government.


We don't really need benefits and NHS and so on. Like I said before, all we need to do is live via nature but when money (material) and corruption took over, that is what has made the world worse.

Money, money, money. Worthless money.

"The love for money is the root of all evil".


And that is where I disagree.

There have been, and still is now, a heck of a lot of lies told by governments. The US gov is the worst.


I disagree because you said I would like to go back to the times when there was no medication.

There was medication and still is that medication. Look at the plants, fruits and veg all around. That is the medication, not modern medication.

No surgery would really be needed back in those times.

I would like to back to the stone age or later than that with the helpful technology and knowledge we have now.

I would prefer to live in a world where we live proper lives and do not thrive on money. Money should not exist. Money is, at the end of the day, material and is completely worthless.


If we lived in a perfect world, no hate and more love there would be no need at all for money. The world would work differently. I don't really like the world we live in today.


It saddens me to hear so many express such disillusionment with the current electoral process. I would like to share a few points from my experience.

First, and others have made this point I know, the right of every citizen to vote was hard won and people sacrificed life, liberty and simply having a normal life to win it for us. As a woman I am especially aware of this and would always exercise my vote!

Second, ever since the vote was 'given' to ordinary, poor people and women those with power (money and assets they want to keep) have used their newspapers and TV channels to work away at the message that 'all politicians are the same', a waste of space or even corrupt! In this way they try to achieve the next best thing - persuading us not to use our vote. Be wary of falling for this one - always ask who is making the point and why.

A few years ago I was CEO of a charity and came into contact with quite a few MPs and a couple of ministers. My impression was that they worked very hard and that it was a thankless task and one which you had to be pretty committed to undertake. I was relieved that people are willing to do it. Arguably we should try to have say 1/4 of MPs on a random rotation picked by a lottery from ordinary people...

Re Hillary - it would be wonderful for a US president to be female of course but, as I get older I am increasingly thinking that intelligent, able and experienced leaders are possibly the best bet for nations. Again from my experience the vast majority of decisions are de facto made by civil servants. They are anonymous (at least until they get named in the New Years Honours List) and, as anyone who has watched 'Yes Minister' ought to know will step up if the elected leader is not sure, not too clever or inexperienced. So although not a Tory I think that our PM is a safe pair of hands and that Hillary RC too with her vast experience would be the best bet for all of us. As for using the term 'hate' in this context it really does concern me that the spin on HRC has triggered such feelings... This usually reflects more on the state of mind of the person experiencing the emotion than its object. My mother was a counsellor and I recall that in her training this was immediately flagged as 'displacement'...


How do you know this is independent and not a Trump supporter's take on Hillary Clinton? If you were American and didn't vote, allowing such an atrocious person as Trump becoming president, wouldn't you feel some responsibility for the problems that the world might have to face (like an increase in support for extreme Muslim groups and more terrorism) because of his belligerent, racist attitudes?


There is a lot of independent media to be found on the internet about the American election. The video I initially posted is one source of independent media, Lisa Haven. There are a lot more such as David Icke; where mainstream media have made him sound like he is a complete nutjob when he isn't. Zachary K. hubbard, who looks into Gematria (ancient babylonian coding of life). Many more sources.

I would not feel any responsibilty for not voting because I know that the voting system is rigged.


I just googled Lisa Haven. She appears to be a right-wing Christian fundamentalist nutcase. Her "independent" videos claim, among other things, that China is trying to "obliterate" America, that something "demonic has arrived", that a Satanic Temple is planning to eliminate Christianity, and that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease. Not that any of it matters much, since, according to her, the world is about to end. Presumably unless Donald Trump (who she supports) gets elected.

This is not "independent media", but an example of one of the nutters out there who are posting conspiracy theory videos on the internet, in this case promoting extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalist views.

It's interesting that you "know that" - how can you know? At best, you can only suspect it (based on real evidence rather than conspiracy theories). Even if you did suspect it, all the more reason for voting and trying to get your voice heard.

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Probably because independent sources speak more truth than other sources such as mainstream media.

What I really do not understand is how people are born into this world and from the get go they follow everything their government and mainstream news tells them.


Independent sources do not necessarily "speak more truth" than others...they simply give free rein to whatever beliefs they may have and set them free without the need for any self censorship... It does not make anything they say more or less important ,true or valid and the "proof " offered to back up these opinions is often at best extremely subjective and/or vague.

It is also important to note that just because something is reported on the media or is on the internet, that does not necessarily make it true. There is a lot of nonsense out there


Afraid I couldn't stand to listen to that Haven woman's voice for more than a minute.

All I'll say is that anyone who stands in the way of that maniac Trump would get my vote.



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While I think it is healthy for all people worldwide to take an interest in world current affairs, I really don't see that this woman ranting on with wild accusations about a US candidate really has any place on a BI board in the UK...but since its here, these are my thoughts...

I couldn't make it all the way through this awful clip of the dreadful woman whining on and on...but the few documents that I did see shown on the screen did NOT "100% prove" any of the claims this woman is making.... One of the documents claiming to show communist links was a letter dated 1971 for goodness sake... that is 45 years ago! A lot has changed in the past 45 years for sure... and that letter did not 100% prove anything of the sort in any case.

I do think that the Americans have a very tough decision ahead. From what I can see, there is little to recommend either candidate and they are forced to choose between a rock and a hard place, but I think it would be far more useful for the candidates (and their teams) to simply state their position on all the key issues and let the people decide...instead of flaming each other and flinging mud. When its gets to this stage all the important stuff gets lost amongst the caterwauling and mud slinging.

Whatever the result in November, the USA (and to large extent the rest of the world) will have to endure the term in office of whichever candidate is successful. It might be a bumpy four years (assuming they last that long) and I suspect that will be the absolute max as it will probably take some kind of minor miracle for either of them to get re-elected in 2020.

We live in interesting times and things may be about to get a little more interesting ;)

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Just to throw in my two cents worth... Hilary Clinton would get my vote. Why? you may ask. Hilary is a strong woman with decent social values. Trump's behaviour suggests that he maybe a tad egocentric. Barack Obama made a recent comment... 'the current climate of politics is really mean''. He was referring to Trump's comments. So yeh, I agree with iforgot. We certainly do live in interesting times and indeed it will get more interesting as the road campaign continues over the next eight weeks. 😳


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