Hi all I just thought I'd post some great news up. I have been single for just under 7 years, many reasons why I haven't found one, I've been to busy, haven't met mr right, they been to afraid about possible bi effects, the list is endless.

Well I have been dating a couple of guys the last 2 months and I am pleased to announce that I now have a boyfriend 😃 We became boyfriend and girlfriend on Monday after I came home from a weekend away. He is so kind, sweet, thoughtful, caring and isn't at all bothered about my bi, he has said its what makes me who i am.

I am so happy I will keep you all updated on what's going on between us.

Lots of happiness Lisa1985 xxx

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  • Great stuff, experiencing life with another. is one of life's pleasures.

  • Hi Lisa.

    Great news. It may be said we dont need others to make us happy...........but it IS more fun when you have someone.

    Good luck for the future.

    Pax x

  • Yes I understand that you don't need another person to be happy, but I've done the single thing long enough I need to now be happy. Lisa85 xx

  • Its also nice to have someone to share the happiness with.

    Be happy

    Pax x

  • Great news and I can hear your pleasure and happiness in your words. When people haven't known you from before your bi then they have chosen to be your relationship friend with you just the way you are.

    Very best wishes

  • YAY! bring on the spring love! xxx

  • Great news Lisa and it gives hope to a lot of others.

    Thanks for posting.

    Love n hugs


  • Fantastic! You go girl! Enjoy! xx

  • Fantastic news! X

  • Fantastic news Lisa. He's lucky to have you. XX Nick

  • Thank you everyone for you kind words, yes it's so nice to have some one who wants to be with me who didn't know me before my BI. And he's so sweet and kind towards me and has made it so clear that my BI isn't a problem to him as most guys have made out to me in the past.

    I hope you all find happiness if you haven't already got it. I have found my complete happiness in this new relationship.

    Lisa85 xx

  • Nice work! Great news, very, very happy for you


  • I am so pleased for you, congratulations ! hE sounds a lovely guy and great BI does not bother him, but then he is lucky to have you too. if he did not want to understand or be part of your life because of BI, the he really did not deserve you😍

  • Thank you Sem2011, he's completely understandable and wants me to lead the normal life I have so far. Xxx

  • Lovely news Lisa. Kx

  • Yay! Little bit of inspiration! I joined a dating site recently but have no idea how to explain everything so have avoided meeting anyone! Good to hear you're back in the game! :)

  • When you start chatting to people, get the feel of the situation and just be honest with them, explain you've suffered a bI but it doesn't effect you. Xx

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