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lost my way

I've lost my way in life suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2016 was in a coma for 6 months and had rehabilitation for 3 months learning to walk and talk again which I did my main problem now is peripheral vision and normal problems associated with this type of injury I was a carpenter and joiner since the injury I've lost my business my house and my partner and children I have now bought a new house I can't work even if I could I would lose my benefits I don't go anywhere because I get lost so I just sit at home do

n't see anyone I need something to do and have some company I am also epileptic I live in westbury Wiltshire any one have any idea's

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Hi you do have groups near you but near is relative as ever out in the country!

Have a group in Bath


And Salisbury salisburyheadway.co.uk

I have found my local group which is admitly a lot closer to me, only 5miles vs 20 miles. Really helpful if nothing else they are good at suggesting where you can get support.


You're obviously far too isolated Clarry, especially if you're confined to the home.

It sounds like you could use some personal help in developing more confidence, and some interests to stave off the depression & loneliness.

Would you feel up to phoning the Headway helpline to see if they can advise you on what help might be available. The number is 0808 800 2244 - 9-5pm, Mon-Fri. and the call is free.

I know the Samaritans used to have a befriending service which was very relaxed and not at all patronising, but the helpline will be much better informed on what's available.

In the meantime you might want to actively take part in the forum activity. It's a great outlet for saying what's on our minds, or simply joining in with general conversation and getting to know people here. It's a safe place to come Clarry where you'll always be accepted and never judged.

Hope to see much more of you ?? Cat x


Lost does describe your circumstances, Clarry, so perhaps turning your attention to finding a new path is the way forward...

It's hard to seek pleasure or enjoy life when you've been through so much personal trauma but it is just so important that you do so. Try and tap into at least one thing you used to like doing before the sad stuff of life got in the way; a hobby? Seeing a certain mate? Activity? Radio or TV show? Films? Club?

Reconnecting with something you used to enjoy that feels doable might just ignite a little flame in you and encourage you to connect with yourself again and hopefully others.

One small step for you, one giant leap for your mind.

Good luck. Take care. Keep in touch.



What seems like aeons ago I used to work down your way. When I saw your post I thought 'shame - I bet the Wilts and Swindon Users Network won't still be going'. But I checked and it is. They are at Semington but their schemes run all over the county. Website is wsun.co.uk. it is a user-led organisation and still offers and signposts to a range of services. Give them a shout. WITS could help with getting out and about, H2LAH would be useful too. They have a long pedigree - I was working with them 25 years ago and if they are as fab and ground breaking now as they were then you will be sorted.


Hi there

First and foremost, I am going to tell you about Headway!

See if you can find one nearby, and JOIN ! They are great at restoring lost confidence, and they can help make you more sociable again!

I was in South Africa, and had my own business etc, but that's all gone now! I came over here to UK at six moths post Brain Injury, and it was Headway that showed me I was a person and COULD get better!

I now live on my own, do some Voluntary Work and am quite happy. Benefits are my only source of income, and I have been told I will never receive remunerative again! Next week I will be starting some more Voluntary Work at the hospital, and I will be working in the Brain Injury Rehab ward!

Good luck, and all the best!




Hi Clarry sorry to read your story also! You are in good company here, where some if not al of us have also experienced other traumas after leaving hospital. I read tonight You got some good leads on here and as Cat3 said, come and join us here In the community!

I wish you the best with in your continuing recovery and getting your life back on track again xx


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