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My dad

Hi my dad had a diffuse axonal injury in 2014, he has been to a brain injury rehab hospital in swindon for 18 months and 3 months ago was moved to brain injury rehab in cullompton this was to try and get him closer to home in cornwall, now we have just been told they are moving him to brain injury rehab trust hospital in york, I'm so worried about how often I will be able to visit him. Has anyone else had a family member that have been to this hospital?

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Do not post these things on here. This is not the place to push your loans.


What was it Jan............ ? xx


It was someone asking if anyone wanted a loan. One of our members had replied asking for more info. Anyone who needs to push their loans on here is probably not the sort of person to do business with. I reported it and it was removed.


No wonder they're called 'Sharks'. Nice one Jan. xx


Evil people around, aren't there. Who would think offering money to people who may be confused is an honest thing to do?

Hope you are well, Cat. Lovely day here after yesterday's storm.



I agree ! And yes, it's been glorious here too ; quite a surprise after yesterday (was literally blown across the precinct with my pal ..............no damage done !).

Hope you're doing ok m'dear ! xxx


Phew !! It's been removed ☺


Mine was a Diffuse Axonal Injury too!

I am so lucky that I have recovered very well! I still have Ataxia, no sense of smell and some Double Vision, but I can lead a pretty normal life now!

Sorry I can't help you with your query, but I wish you all the best for your dads recovery!

Love Debs


Sorry Lindsay I haven't had any connection with York hospital. Have you discussed with the staff what a stressful move this would be for all concerned ? If this is just a matter of beds then it's appalling.

There are many wonderful hospitals with all the facilities and expertise needed for your dad so much closer to Devon.

I've no doubt that York is a fine hospital, but visits from loved ones are so important to the welfare of patients ; I think this is a disgrace like so many other failings in NHS administration.

Please try the number below. It's a charity named POhWER and offers free advice/support and advocacy on healthcare matters. 0300 456 2370

Also, the Headway helpline might be able to assist && advise.

Best wishes Cat x


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