I am back.....I think

Hi all.

Yep I think I am back. Was ill between Christmas and New Year but now feel more myself. Felt a little withdrawn and not in the real world .....ok ok nothing new there I hear you say.

I have been following the forum and even managed the odd comment hoping it would connect me back ...maybe it has ...I am unsure.

Not much else to say...yet. Will hopefully post more later. As I say I feel connected and back now so I apologise in advance for any future comments or posts.


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I just love you Pax ! Come back to the 'real' world ASAP :-/ Cat xx

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Hi Cat.

Not to keen on the real world. Its got strange people in it called "normal people" uurrrgghhh !!!.

Never liked being normal its boring. Think I am comunicating better with this strange world ....but I refuse to join it fully.

I am sorry this normal world that is full of intolerance and hate is not for me. Until this world grows up and behaves itself I will converse with it but refuse to join it fully.

Am i mad ? No I feel it is the world that is mad and needs to just calm down.......God this thinking lark is hard work and I feel may be dangerous for me......I may start talking sense.......nnaahhhh will never happen.

Think I may turn my house inside out so I can live outside the asylum.....if you like hitch hikers guide to the galaxy you may get this referance.

All the best .

Pax xx


Lol Pax, welcome back : ) x



You think therefore you are back.

Looking forward to more of your escapades 😊

Love n hugs



Welcome back glad you are feeling better.


Welcome back Pax!

I think Christmas and NY can be a bot 'otherwordly' for us. Everyone else is partying, we are collapsong under the straain of getting ready for the party, let alone being there...or we decide in advance that maybe it would be best if we gave the party a miss, so the world seems to go its merry way without us.

I too am glad for the return of 'normality' - the routines that help remind me what day it is, and give a reason to get out of bed 😊


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