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Back to work full-time in September I hope!


Yes after a lot of soul-searching and bringing back all these nasty feelings of tragedy that I have tried to bury deep within, I have come out the other side feeling more optimistic. I would not be here without Headway helping me with advice and directing me to employment support for disabled. I would not have got there on my own that is for sure!!! Also I've been telling people straight when I stumble with words or forget something 'yeah sorry, I was in a coma 20 years ago through a car accident and my brain doesn't remember every detail well after the head injury' makes me feel a lot better! I used to feel guilty and worried due to other people being involved in the accident but I'm not suffering it now- my life was destroyed too!

Anyway, all positive for the future now- this 'tragic event' has held me back too long and I'm not holding back now- my fighting spirit has returned!!! Survivor to the end :)

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Well done, good for you. It's never too late to get your life back.

That's good to hear well done you for clawing your way through to get to feeling stronger and more accepting of yourself by being honest straight away with others. It takes a strong spirit to do that and strong you must be to be where you are now :)


That is fabulous news aqua. You certainly are a strong woman to keep going with your challenging journey of the past 20 years and to be able to finally return to work in Sept. (all going well).

Good to hear that you are no longer suffering from survivors guilt. I can only imagine the psychological trauma that you have endured.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.😄

That is a nice positive post to ready on a sunny sunday

well done

brilliant Aqua - steady as you go to battle !



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Life is definitely a battle!!!

How's it going?

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