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Think I have lost the plot.

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Yep it may be official ......and long overdue some say.....but I have lost the plot completely.

You see like a lot of you have mentioned the change in the banner from green to white is off putting. This I agree on so imaginne the other day whilst having a quick browse I then noticed it was back green. I didnt have time to write about my joy on seenig this but came on just now hoping to comment on it.

But I have know seen it is still white.....was I dreaming the other day....did it change back?. I had written a quick note in my diary to remind me to comment on the change.

Maybe its the stress of the season....or maybe I have lost the plot.

Anyway I still hate the new banner ....or maybe it has changed and I cant see it . Mmmmm now I am confused.


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Confused and lost the plot, Yep I'm there with you but not with the banner as I didn't notice it white or green, it is still green isn't it.

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paxo05 in reply to MXman

Hi Mxman

Nope banner is white with green writing when on mobile app.

Well on my phone anyway. I may have altered it by accident myself if its possible to do such a thing.

If you can alter it I wish I knew how as I prefer the green banner.

To be honest my plot went years ago

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cat3 in reply to paxo05

It's just weird. The banner changed to white for a couple of weeks & now it's green again. Ghosts in the machine ??

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paxo05 in reply to cat3

Hi Cat

Definately strange things are happening. Mines showing white head banner and green reply buttons.

wish it would make its mind up. Better still go back to how it was.


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cat3 in reply to paxo05

Curiouser & curiouser Pax, My reply buttons are definitely still red.

Looks like it's HealthUnlocked who might be losing the plot 'cause all we're doing is signing in & posting..................I don't think we have the means to change the appearance of anything on the forum. :o

Ha ha fantastic. My reply buttons are orange and the banner is green with white writing. Ill have a look to see what its like on my mobile, I didn't know the mobile ap was out Paxo but ill have a look anyway.

Yep Cat I think the surest sign we all have lost the plot is we are on here chatting. Have a fantastic Thursday people. XX N

Yep, turned green again on my laptop a couple of days ago and other colours are more defined again - happier with this.

Some input/reassurance from HU perhaps to help out with the people who appear to have a different format ? x

You had a plot ? Where did you get one - I have been looking for one for ages...

Come to think about it, if I did have one, I would only put it down and forget about it

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paxo05 in reply to sospan

Ssssshhhhhh its just a wicked rumour that I had a plot to lose.


Now it is really messing with my head.

The bloody things GREEN again.


About to go sit in a dark room for a bit .


This cannot be happening !!!!!!!!!.

Its gone back white again...... ok who is doing this ?????

The orange buttons are now green. It isnt April the 1st is it ???????

Cone on admin mke your mind up please ....or better still LEAVE IT ALONE .

Deep breath ....sigh....and carry on.


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sospan in reply to paxo05

You do realise that WWW is actually Willy Wonka Web and most sites are coded by umpa lumba's. Hence the random colour changing

Mr. Salt: What is this, Wonka, some kind of funhouse?

Willy Wonka: Why, are you having fun?

Willy Wonka: Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous!

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paxo05 in reply to sospan

Think willy wonkas been talking to the wizard of oz and decided to have a forum of a differnt colour.

Yep all the tickets have turned blue.

its green on my laptop with white writing and red reply buttons.if that helps the plot finding

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paxo05 in reply to razyheath43

Hi Razy.

Thats whst it used to be green banner with white writing and red/orange buttons. Then it changed to white with green writing and green buttons.

Trouble is it cant make its mi d up and keeps swapping.

Prefer dark background and white writing...easier to see.

Wish it would just decide either way.


Mmmm different on my mobile from the computer...?

weird still the same on my laptop?


I've read the replies. just wondering if you've run an antivirus scan on whatever tech you are using?

Failing that if it is you doing things without knowing all I can say is keep going and we will expect the complete works of Pax by the end of the century.



Hi Random.

Using moble and did have virus other week. Dont think its that as others noticed the change from green to white.

Plus had to completely reset phone and reinstall everthing.

Think it could be a remaining gliche but seems to have settled.

As for my complete works of Pax dont worry tried writing it once wasnt that good a read.


Morning - bit late in on this one but wonder if it's anything like the " is this dress black and green or white and gold " question that was doing the rounds on FB this time last year ...... at different times I saw both combinations and was something to do with the way your eyes were focussing at any moment in time ....

Stories from SA trip to follow at soe point


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paxo05 in reply to moo196

Hi Moo.

Its never to late. I am unsure what is I write this everything is back to in green banner white writing and orange/red buttons ( sounds like an shirt I had once).

Given up wondering what is happening. I have run virus scan just to be safe but not come up with anything.

Just waiting for a xmas themed banner to round things off.


hi pax i did not even know about the clour changes so where does that leave m

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