I asked a question previously about wetting the bed, this one is for the guys to answer

I have been confused as I fought I was wetting myself, but I have been trying to observe the situation. I believe it is more a clear discharge that smells like a stong urine or even fishy, I know I don't have an std before anyone asks. Normally it is my underwear that is damp but twice it has been enough to leave a damp patch on the bed. I know it's not urine because this morning when I woke I felt a leek coming from my penis, the amount was minute and it felt thick coming through the tube. It is just another question to my hundred unanswered questions. Has anyone else suffered this after a head/brain injury.

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  • cant say i have sorry

  • Nope I've never had this happen

  • are you sure this is related to any head injury, as it sounds more like an infection to me. If your GP is not of any help GU clinics are there for any form of urinary problems, if they cannot treat it, they can sign post you to someone who can

  • I have no idea what it is. Don't know if it is the tablets I am on. I just thought I would ask to make sure.

  • I would suggest you go back to the doctor who prescribed them and explain the problem

  • yep get back to your GP asap and get this sorted i agree it does sound like an infection, meds can mess up your body chemistry and cause all sorts of problems

  • doctors for you does sound like a dose though

  • I agree leeleeleelee, some things are best left to the professionals.

  • Def not dose I can guarantee that, but thank you ladies anyway.

  • even if water infec would still go to docs

    good luck

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