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Not the best present.

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Hi all and I hope you have had a good christmas.

Well my caring youngest daughter gave me a strange present this year. Yep the winter sickness virus.

To put it politely I didnt know you could jettison as much fluid from your rear. Luckily it didnt hit till after christmas but I am finally feeling better. Although the sight of a toilet roll sends me into a cold sweat.

I would like to say I used my time confined to my bed constructively....but no I just played with the games on my phone ah well it kept me amused.

All for now.


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You poor lad. I had it last year and honestly felt like I was dying !

Glad you're over it now Pax so I can wish you a Happy New Year !! xxx

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paxo05 in reply to cat3

Thanks Cat.

Hope you have a good new year to.

Oh and thanks for calling me a lad......some years since I have been called that.....the last time I think I had done sonething wrong !!!!.

Once again happy 2016.

Pax xxx

Hi Pax

I think they call that perfect timing. How did you do it? You managed to get Xmas in, be ill and recover in time for New Year.

Best way to start the year with the joy of feeling better.

Have a great year.



Hi Random,

I would sooner not be ill but yes good timing as we are going away for the new year.

Was getting sad looks from my beloved as she thought it may be cancelled.

Have a good new year.

Pax xx

Urgh, Pax, me too, although mine was 'just' anxiety-related, rather than the viral kind. My weight is currently hovering just under 9st, which is far from ideal when you're 5' 9". I'm mostly just trying to stay out of my own way, a couple more days of this weird off-work period, and then I hope to have some sort of routine back in place, that doesn't revolve around being VERY quiet, because the husband doesn't get up until about 1pm... I'm quiet anyway.

All the best to you and yours.

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paxo05 in reply to Gaia_rising

Hi Gala,

Isn't it strange how holiday time is not as relaxing anymore. I try not to think of upcoming events as I just freak out......and could do with a holiday.....ironic isn't it.

Pax x

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angelite in reply to Gaia_rising

And me Gaia !

Been this way since UTI and the new dysfunctional digestive system. Now dipped below 7 stone ( 5 ft 4 ) - worrying isn't it ?

We are going to end up on those Ensure drinks for elderly folks !

All the best ,

Angela x

It's one way of doing a post-Christmas diet I suppose 😯Glad to hear all is well again. There is a lot of it about it seems, they shut 10 wards at Lincoln hospital at 1 point, which must have been almost the entire hospital. Best stay away from such places if we are able till it calms down...

And as for not doing anything productive whilst in bed recovering........really, Pax!!!

Hi Malalatte,

Wieght loss didnt work.....yep I weighed myself afterwards....sad but true.

As for productive......I meant sorting paperwork or putting world to rights.....oh and sleep.

Apparently I have recovered officially. My family say my S and S is back......thats sarcasm and sulking.

Have a good new year.

Pax x

Hi Pax,

I probably would have has the sickness bug that is going around as well but I have dodged it and the reason why is #1, I didn't get the flu jab this year and I won't ever get it again because nobody really needs it.

#2 I eat a lot more natural foods now, fruits and veg and different spices... I basically do not trust the pharmaceutical industry because they are only out there to make money.

I do admit that the virus has been trying to break through my immunse system because I have had a few days where I felt a little chesty but I battled that by either putting a drop of white vinegar in a cup of water...


Put a tiny amount of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) in a cup or glass, stir it and drink.

I do realise that some people think these natural cures are pathetic BUT I would rather get rid of an illness as quick as I can, hence the natural way, instead of sitting there taking advertised, fake medicines that hardly do anything.

I do not understand it at all why people continue to suffer when they don't need to.

Take care,


Hi Pax,

I seem to have dodged this ( would I know the difference ? ! )

Games are great therapy, big Lara Croft fan here,

Wishing you are firmer New Year : ))

Angela x

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