Check out Headway's shiny new website!

Check out Headway's shiny new website!

We're delighted to announce the launch of our all-new website, which is enhanced for touch-screen devices and designed with accessibility in mind.

It includes all the same award-winning brain injury information but adds a wealth of new features, including a local search to help you find support and services near you.

Take some time to look around, then help us spread the word by sharing on social media!

Best wishes,


PS: It'd be great to hear your feedback on the new site.

6 Replies

  • I looked at it yesterday as became aware of the 'new' site through Facebook. I found it harder to negociate and find my way to things!

  • Personally I love the new look. It is so much less cluttered.

    Yes it is a change and will need a little time to adjust to but the simple 3 options at the bottom cover everyone.

    Thank you

  • All looks good to me! Of course, it's missing the 'Notes From The Baron' page :)

  • Funny as when I found the old site I was confused as it was just after my Bi so can't really make a comparison. The old site led me to health unlocked and looking at the new site it would have done too. The new site is quicker to get round and I like the look so well done Headway on both counts.

  • It's a cleaner more logical site now, though clearly new and on the whole we don't seem to do change so well. I rarely visit to be honest tending to go to the forum (here) or my local head ways site.

  • As ever, very late seeing this post, only because I don't check in every day or read all posts. But yes I like it, and find it easier to use now I've got a bit used to seeing it. Thanks to all at Headway.

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