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New community website to be launched

Hi members,

The Headway HealthUnlocked community will be getting a new-look website from tomorrow (Tuesday 9th July), with a number of new features to make the community easier to use.

Some of the new features include:


This new feature should help make it easier to find posts that you’re interested in. We'll be finalising the available categories over the next few days, but we'll include issues such as welfare benefits, early recovery, rehabilitation, treatment concerns etc.


When you write a post or a question, HealthUnlocked will automatically suggest words or phrases as tags. This should make it easier to find other posts and questions on the same topics.


It will now be possible for Headway to pin posts, so that they can be easily found when logging in. This will be used for our community guidelines, particularly important discussions and new information from Headway.

Recommend Button

If you think somebody has written a very good post or provided a good comment, you’ll be able to show your approval by clicking ‘recommend’, similar to the Facebook 'Like' button.

So the new website can be launched, you will not be able to access this community from around 9am - 1pm tomorrow. When the website is back up, you will be able to log-in with the same account details, and all of your old posts should be preserved.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we think the new platform will provide a much better, easier experience for all of our members.

More information should be posted by HealthUnlocked soon.

Best wishes,



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Thanks Andrew. Look forward to it. :-)


Not good at remembering passwords, I remain logged in always. Will I have to do login? How do I get back on if I get it wrong? I have no idea what I might have used as password?!,


Hi Danslatete,

I would think you will have to log in again, but there is a link on the sign in page for people who have forgotten their password. If you click this and work through the instructions, you should get help to sign in again. This usually involves the website sending you an email with instructions to reset your password.

If you have any continuing issues do email me directly on website@headway.org.uk - I can't reset a password for you, but I can talk you through things and make sure you get back up and running.

Best wishes,



Do post URL/address for this new outlet/inlet of info. With thanks.


its here, its just being updated with new features


I can't see any new features did the website get updated?


No, because the site was supposed to be out-of-action from 9am-1pm Tues for the changeover & it didn't happen. Maybe some last min. technical issues ? ;-(


Mmm not so sure about the new look. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, liked previous lay out, you could see new posts and questions easily. Might get used to it but it did seem easier on the eye


its a bit odd, but the latest post do appear on the main page, the old layout was more brain friendly though


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