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New website eases the burden of families dealing with sudden, acute brain injury


We're excited to announce the launch of our new website, 'I'm calling about Chris', which is designed to help you connect, share, and update those who care in the early stages after brain injury.

The easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly and simply create a page dedicated to your loved one before drafting and posting updates on their condition using your smartphone or tablet. This can be done while you wait in the hospital, rather than on your return home from an emotionally exhausting day.

Importantly, the interactive set-up allows friends and family to post supportive comments in return.

You can find out more on our website at:

Or visit to set up your page!

We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on this new website.

Best wishes,


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Looks like it will be really appreciated and helpful.

Just wondering if you are also publicising it on Facebook and Twitter etc.

headwayukAdministrator in reply to randomphantoms


Thanks very much for your supportive comment!

Yes we've posted on Facebook and will be doing so on Twitter too. We'll also be trying to get the word out there through acute hospitals, so people can find out about it at the earliest stage.

Hopefully this is something that will really develop in future.

Best wishes,


steve55 in reply to headwayuk

i live in bognor regis and found or rather my wife did, our monthly group by accident, there was nothing about headway in my acute ward at st richards hospital only the stroke association, who were absolutely useless.

I've just had a look on your link and it looks great. Something like this would have made a huge difference, while my partner Alan was in hospital. He is now 17 months on and doing well, although still a long way to go. One of his friends took on the role of updating all his friends, but I still had a chunk updating family. I would definitely recommend this site to others :-)

Hi, Ive just had a look and it does look good but.....

It takes that personal interaction away from speaking directly to friends and family.

I know Im of the older generation and have found dealing with the social forums difficul

Kirk5w7 in reply to Kirk5w7

I thought id lost this reply, hence the other reply!

Told you i had trouble with social forums ☺️

Hi Just had a look and it does seem a great idea and will help so many people but.....

Im of the older generation and find social forums difficult to deal with, add on a BI too, it depersonalises your interactions with friends and family. Its like the “round robin” letters we get at Xmas time from our friends in North America, tends to become generic for all.

I think it will stop a lot of traffic through this way too, we have only just been bemoaning the fact that this is no longer the forum it used to be, somewhat bereft of traffic!!!!

I know a lot of us pop in regularly to check hat is going on so to speak, perhaps we have all just reached that status quo when we are just getting on with things.

Any how, yes it seems great and will be helpful to many, but dont forget the personal touch!!

Janet x

headwayukAdministrator in reply to Kirk5w7

Hi Janet,

Many thanks for your comment and thoughts, it's really appreciated and you make some good points.

That is one of the reasons why we've aimed the new site at people in the very early stages after the brain injury, as at that point we're aware that many people are overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers asking for updates. It really aims to give people an easy way to communicate, while keeping things away from very public social networks.

Similarly, it's a time when many friends and extended family members become less sure how to help so over time, can drop away. So, we've added information on how to help someone after brain injury and the ability for people to comment and offer their support.

As things progress from those intense first few weeks, you're right that there's no substitute for personal interactions and hopefully if the new site keeps people in touch, that'll be easy for people to do.

It should hopefully not stop traffic to this forum as this will remain the place where you can speak to other people affected by brain injury, whereas that won't be the case on our new website which is a community of family and friends.

We've noticed it's been quiet on here recently too. I think the way the site is shared on the NHS Choices website has changed, and that may have reduced the number of new members joining. We're looking into new ways to promote the community and try to get things back on track. It might take some time, but we certainly want to keep this amazing group as active and helpful as it's always been!

Thanks again Janet, please get in touch if you'd like to talk things through some more.

Best wishes,



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