Signing out.....Take care, good luck and best wishes to everyone :)

New layout.....I've tried and tried to get use to the new layout.......and I'm sorry but I'm giving up....will try again in a few months.

Please don't think I've given up easily....I'm technology aware...but I just can't get the hang of the new layout, and it's taking up too much of my precious energy, also driving me crazy trying.

I've no doubt some will have sussed it already, I'm just not one of you...

I wish you all luck and hope you do better than me...

Until next time........Take care everyone :)

P.S. in case anyone is thinking of leaving a reply, I won't be checking in for a while :)

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Hi LeslieDilks,

I am extremely sorry to hear of the issues you're experiencing. The launch of the new HealthUnlocked site has caused some real issues for a number of our members, including us here at Headway. I am assured that HealthUnlocked staff are working tirelessly to get things running normally.

Can I ask you to check again in a couple of days, when hopefully things will be a little better?

Again I do apologise for the issues you are experiencing, please forward your concerns to HealthUnlocked here: support.healthunlocked.com/... and they can investigate any technical issues.

I do hope you'll receive this reply, and that we'll see you on here soon,

Best wishes,



Don't leave just yet! The 404 problems have all gone, the layouts different, but it's not too hard to figure out, promise!


i am tech savvy, but for me i think just clicking the house button and checking recent activity is what will have to work for me


What house button? Not tech minded at all. I can't see any houses!


its on the blue bar if you scroll back up on this page, its to the left of the button for questions


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