Trying to figure out how I support someone with concussion

I'm new here and trying to figure out how I support my girlfriend who got concussion 2,4 months ago. We haven't been together long but in a short time I seem to have become a great source of irritation to her and I am very unclear as to how best to support her.

Does anyone have any recommendations for information sources I can look at?

I appreciate any help and I wish a good day to all.

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  • Phone Headway and have a chat to them. They will have all the information you need.

    Your girlfriends brain is still recovering and she doesn't want to be difficult, it is just so frustrating for her to be unable to do everything as she did before.

    Well done to you for supporting her.

  • Yes I agree get in touch with headway

  • Hi there welcome and good for you for standing by her :) my husband had a bi 7 months ago and myself and our children are a great source of irritation to him! A book I found really helpful was brain injury a practical guide by Trevor Powell. It's easy to read and is full of information as well as practical things to help both you and your partner. Another good one is James cracknell touching distance whigh helped give me a better understanding.

    Hope this helps. Here is a lovely bunch of people who are always hereto lend an ear :)

  • Good suggestion here. I found the book by Trevor Powell after I had my BH. I thought it was so good I ordered it from the library and kept renewing it. With my lack of short term memory it helped enormously.

  • Ah that's great yes I always recommend it now as it gives so much readable information and when you've been thrown into the world of bi without any knowledge about it at all its good to know what you might expect to see and that it's the new normal!

    How do you manage your short term memory? My husband also has issues with this.

  • Well it is still ongoing over 22 years later, frustratingly. However with the technology about I am able to keep reminders on my iPad, I have just bought an iPhone and I watch too. The fun thing now is remembering my passwords to get into them arrrggghhh!

    Never mind, I get there in the end.

    The most frustrating thing I've found is getting lost so I also have a sat nav too. If I didn't have things like that my life would be a nightmare for remembering things.

    My friends and family are used to it now but I still constantly think I have forgotten to do something or have missed an occasion. "Hey, ho, at least I'm still here to whinge about it" is what I usually say LOL 😂

  • grdk read a book by james cracknell and his wife beverley? i think its called within touching distance, he actually had a brain injury so learn from him.

    yes we do have mood swings, noise intollerance and can be totally abnoxous, because we have no filters to rell us thats wrong, no that will hurt, we just say it.

    85% of relationships fail because of this, people say they understand, they understand nothing until theyve had a brain injury.

    good luck, and remember, were always here for you


  • Thank you for the suggestion.

    Shame about the statistics but at one point last night we were discussing things which turned to crying and hugs and I said that I had no idea what she was going through, feeling or experiencing as I haven't been there myself and only see maybe the tip of the iceberg

    Separate beds last night so she could sleep but at least I was invited to stay. 😊

    I wish all a good day today.

    One day at a time.

  • Sorry but if you were my son I would advise you to simply be a friend not in a closer relationship. It is a hard slog.

  • One of the things your girlfriend and yourself should watch is this:

    Understanding is the biggest help you can give. I thought I knew a lot about the body and head until I got injured.

  • Try food with Tina M Sullivan's book, Nourish Your Noggin for PCS.

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