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Hi every. I went 2get the results of my last scan on Tuesday, every thing is fine the coils hav stayed in place. The doctor said the headaches that I am hav'in now r migraines & he is going 2 send me 2 a headache specialist. He as advised me 2 stay stress free as this can happen again. I am now going 2 focus on gettin bck 2 work as I do lov my job. May I add my manager as told me just 2 concentrat on gettin better my job will still b there 4 me.

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Well that news must have been a relief that the coils are absolutely ok. Not sure how we keep ourselves stress free because what goes on in our lives is often out of our control and we can't always stay calm about things!!?? Sounds like you've got a great supportive and understanding manager who knows you are an asset to the workplace. Hopefully your manager will enable you to have a gradual and long phase back into work at your pace depending how you get on. Best wishes


Glad you had good news :-) Take it steady going back to work. Hope you get a good phased return so that you don't overdo things. I'm up to 29 hrs/week now - after a year which I am pleased with - though my employers think otherwise ..... Good luck x


What a relief for you EVC. But as Caroline & Moo have said, be sure your return to work is a gradual one until you've tested your levels of both fatigue and stress.

Really pleased for you. The headaches though, seem to be par for the BI course I'm afraid, and often a result of overdoing things ; so take it really easy for a while.

Cat xx


great news congrats


I was just going to say to you that focus ing on ur job won't be stress free, concentrate on getting well and lessen the stress and as ur boss has said ur job I'll still be there for you when ur ready to go back, as they'd rather have a human u than a non human you and that's what stress does, turns you into someone else.

Try going on nice calming walks, don't do anything stressful etc.

Lisa85 xx


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