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Baron tales

Baron tales

Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Baron Curfew arrived in Leipzig with little fanfare by a wide variety of transportation. Trains, boats, feet, cars, they all contributed.

However, following the 'event' the good Baron was finally released into the community and flew home via the City's airport. A large crowd gathered at the terminal to 'wave' at him as he departed, in a wheelchair, with family in tow. The 'waves' showed a variety of fingers with some waving as little as two as the plane left terra firma and took the Baron back to his home country.

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I imagine they were meant as victory waves, signifying his lordship's survival ?

I feel I know Baron Curfew quite well now..............well enough, even, to call him Baz. :o


How dare you! Would you refer to the Queen as Lizzie?

Show a little decorum please, I am still a Baron, after all



Sorry yer lordship ; please don't put me on the flogging list

Oh but I'd never refer to Liz as Liizzie............... ;-) :-/


hi Baron, good to see you Arrived back safe and sound.........and how are you now several days later, still living off the adrenaline rush I expect! S


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